TFW you're a White House reporter listening to Sean Spicer


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That face you make when someone is lying to you, and you know they’re lying to you, and they know that you know they’re lying.


but they’re lying about having sex with aliens.


Je suis un journaliste de la Maison Blanche.


The horror… the horror…



If anything can make me feel better about about not being them.



I was unfamiliar with the TLA TFW, so I guessed “This f**king work”. It turns out it’s “That feeling when”. I like mine better.


And we know that they know that we know… We’re very knowledgeable.


nope, not watching a 30s ad to get to that.


Right choice. The ad was as long as the clip!

I also had to go through three rounds of granting permissions to the page with noScript.


At :48, “John” Roberts is totally thinking "Oh man, I SO WISH I was still JD Roberts, interviewing The Spoons in the old Much studios…"


A photo I just took by coincidence


Confusion, embarrasment, disgust, disbelief, shock, what we Germans call “fremdschämen” even a two thousand yard stare. You´d expect that from war correspondentsin Afghanistan or Syria, but if the WH correspondents look like that,you just know there is something fundamentally wrong.


I gave up after the first two NoScript tries. Vice’s video platform is awful, and I’m not really one to want to give them additional views anyhow.



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