Thanksgiving Discussions

Is everybody having fun at family gatherings this year?


No Thanksgiving discussions for me, but I’m very, very thankful:

I was walking down that sidewalk when that car, speeding and out of control, hit. I got hit on my hip, bounced into the fence, and toppled backwards. A few inches from a broken hip, maybe a foot from being a paraplegic.
The police report neglects a little stick figure of my dog, whose leash I managed to hang onto.

Had to cancel Thanksgiving travel plans. Cooking for myself, and watching for signs of a bruised spleen. Physical therapy next week.

Thank goodness for high-dose Ibuprofen.


Low key here. We just had my mom over. No political discussions to be found (other than the war zone we had over the game mille borne!).


Goodness! I’m glad it’s not worse! Take care of yourself!

Was the driver drunk?

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Holy crap! Glad to hear you mostly scraped out of that one. Good god it could have been devastating. I hope you’re not feeling too shocky. :frowning:


Haha! The Boy and I had an unofficial rule that involved yelling out the French versions of various things… CREVE!!

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A great way to help him learn a new language!

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Not noted on the police report. It did note excessive speed, and that the driver was cited for careless driving. He and his passenger were REALLY banged up; carried off on stretchers and carted to a hospital. But the same light pole that totalled their car and banged them up likely saved them from a vehicular manslaughter charge.


I already have a good handle on ‘cereal box French’, growing up back east. He’s a West Coast Boy, and apparently they never got that whole ‘bilingual’ memo out here. So you do what you can… :smiley:

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I’m happy it’s not worse all around.

Take care of your injuries!


Wait… you’re Canadian, right? Also, “cereal box french” is a great phrase!

In the US, west coast folks (especially in So Cal) are more likely to be bilingual (or at least have some key phrases in Spanish), because of the latino community out there. Us east coast folks are entirely hopeless when it comes to being bilingual (unless one is an immigrant or from a family of immigrants).

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Glad you’re ok. Hope for a full recovery

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I drove to Houston. I plan to hang out with my parents and chill until Sunday… And there’s some drama I got clued into with my older brother and his wife and I’m expected to have a talk with my brother. I came here to relax and I’ve spent the whole day stressing out. Lovely.

I don’t even have any beer.


Also I might go see Pixar’s Coco a second time within the next few days. I saw it Tuesday night and I cried, a lot. The only thing keeping me from uncontrollably sobbing was the fact that there were random people seated near me. Still highly recommend it and the movie is lovely.

Also saw it at Alamo Drafthouse and I stole a few special menus


no worries in my household. we’re all democrats in my immediate family and we all heartily detest 45. discussing him or not really didn’t make a difference.

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This year I finally persuaded my family to do a Thanksgiving menu faithful (for the most part) to the original. Duck, mussels, clams, cabbage, buttercup squash, fried corn mush, caramelized pearl onions, and…okay, spiced cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. The last two were non-negotiable, my mother insisted.

But no disagreements at our family Thanksgiving table over politics. Trump is a psychopath, the Republicans can’t do basic math, pass the buttercup squash. For this, I am thankful.

After the meal, I let the dog help us clean the dishes. For this, he is thankful.

And @stefanjones, the fact that you’re here with us and not wondering if you will ever walk again, well, I think I feel confident speaking for everyone when I say that, for this, we are thankful.


Jeez, man!

Consider: You’ve ‘cashed in’ your one, statistically-predicted pedestrian-vehicular accident for the next few decades, and you (and your dog; boop him for us) got through it. Please let us know how things go for you from here. Okay?



This is eerie.

You consideration:

. . . was mirrored by none other than Daniel Pinkwater:

Yeah, I went and looked at the OTHER side of that light pole, and the PVC shell around some cables was shattered. That could have been my pelvis.



Pixar films are good at that.

The end of Toy Story 3 . . . dang. The only thing that kept me from weeping was my being stunned by the sheer brilliance of it. The combination of surprise with what, in retrospect, was an utterly practical solution by Woody (and Andy, who went along with it).

And the end of WALL-E . . . when I saw it at home, I openly cried at the end, out of relief and a feeling that humanity really probably didn’t deserve that happy ending.

If I think I can sit in a theater chair for couple of hours, I’ll see Coco on Saturday.



Great minds think alike!