That nightmarish bipedal bear is back, and now we now why


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Is Andy Williams anywhere near by?


Fucking Darwin…how does that work?

I didn't like it when Snoopy suddenly changed from a cute quadruped to an ugly biped...

When were you born?


It must have been around 1890 because Snoopy has been bipedal since before WWI when he flew planes in the war.


Between this and the Grizzly / Polar Bear hybrids I’m convinced that the bears are the mammalian species furthest along in their climate change preparedness plans.

I, for one, welcome our new bear overlords.


Where’s his picnic basket?


Leghold traps are nightmarish. No, abominable. Bears are universally charming, unless they are trying to kill you.


That’s snowmen, not bears.


Polar bears?


I wonder if he is having trouble finding food or if walking upright is more taxing for him, because he seems very skinny for a bear.

Or perhaps being upright just makes him appear more slim.


That really tugged at the ol’ heartstrings. Poor fella seems to be getting around OK but damn, that’s sad.




Would that make them bi-polar bears?

[I’ll just get my coat…]


Bears do look much slimmer when they stand up. In quadrupedal configuration, their gut hangs down and their back slopes downward toward the shoulders making their butts look relatively big. Standing up their guts are closer into their spine, and there’s a vertical line from the hind legs up to the shoulders so they look skinnier. Also they’re really tall. A lot taller than humans.


I knew it, Mark’s a Highlander.


Of course, also being hand-disabled is a big disability as well… There’s no reason for what I said earlier to be mutually exclusive. And if it’s additional, fsm help us all.


Did you mean “pic-a-nic” basket? :smiley:


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