Bear walking upright like a human


Are we sure that’s not “The Abominable Bearman”? It’s got pretty big feet.

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Oh $#!t they are evolving!!!
I have never seen a bear travel so far standing upright, is that normal? It is not in Oregon.

Monkey in a badger suit.


Best Sasquatch I’ve ever seen.


If popular culture has taught me anything, it’s that this is perfectly natural behaviour for bears.

With a better microphone, we’d hear phrases like “Mr. Ranger Sir” and “In the woods? Hah! This’ll teach 'em…”


Bear City!


I’ve seen a black bear in the UP walk upright before and during a road crossing.

I don’t know whether it’s normal or how widespread it is in wild bears.

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Battle for the Planet of the Bears…


Hard to see. It’s barely visible in most of that video.

I have seen short runs like your road crossing, but this one just kept walking. Why do bears go up on two legs? I can only imagine it has something to do with smelling considering their bad eyes.

He’s smarter than the average bear.


Maybe they realise that urbanised areas are more suited to being at that height - you can look directly into bins, see over cars, look more directly ahead etc., which may not be as useful in the wild.


Also, if it grew up watching people come and go, it may be a learned, beneficial, behavior.

Or maybe it’s just a bear spy, sent to infiltrate the humans.


He’s just trying to blend in.

“Oh! Hello fellow human! Just out for a walk in the neighborhood! I wonder what the Smiths have thrown away today! I do so love walking upright, unlike those awful animals on all fours! Say, have you put out your trash yet? A fine day! I look forward to golfing or getting into my metal box with wheels later! Must go!”


Related to this bear in Russia?

Oy now I have an image of some bear in a tweed suit, fedora, and glasses.

And now I have the image of a bear in a bikini trying to use the sexy lure on us.(how many mamae do bears have?)

Man oh man. I can imagine not paying to much attention in the early morning, and then walking up to this thing thinking it was just another person. That did creep me out. I guess we’ve solved any Sasquatch sightings.

There was probably a smell advantage to being upright in that situation, so he or she stayed up.

That’s no bear. That’s a big-ass cockroach pretending to be a bear.