That North Carolina Democrat who suddenly switched parties was a GOP plant

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Oh crap. I live in Virginia, where the primaries are “open”. So every couple of years, the republicans make noises about loyalty oaths-- which just strike me the wrong way.

As a perennial democrat, who has at least a theoretical interest in ensuring that the strongest democrat advances to the general, I was never in the position to fake a loyalty oath.

However, if every accusation is a confession, and if the Republicans are paranoid about infiltration, it follows that they are telegraphing their general strategy, the things they could do if they had no sense of decency. And they don’t.


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Now I’m wondering about the Democrat in the GA house who switched to Republican, who is in an in-town district?


I’m guessing the answer is no, but I wonder if there’s any grounds to sue her for misrepresentation.


They haven’t even reprimanded Santos, who has misrepresented almost everything he’s ever said. I truly wish there was a law that forced ANYONE who switches party to leave any current elected position until they win a new election, even if they declare that they are now an independent.


They aren’t going to get rid of a dude who gets drunk in the capitol and attacks teenaged volunteers


With how often Republicans seem to baselessly accuse Democrats of cheating, it makes me conclude many of them are constantly thinking of ways to do this.

Wasn’t there another race recently where they ran a third person to spoil it for the Democrats?

Y’all better take off the kid gloves…


At the national level Trump very likely is a mole co-opted by Russia representing himself as an American and a Republican. So at the state level why wouldn’t the GOP follow this example of success?
Success subverting democracy that is.


All this would do is make elected officials say that they are members of party A while voting with party B.


a GOP plant

Hmmm… kinda like this?

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I don’t believe in loyalty pledges. I do believe in ethics, and everything about this is shady and corrupt. She basically seemed to have this all in mind from the start, and then lied to her constituents about her beliefs. All states should have a recall system for this reason alone, so such people can be removed almost as quickly as they turned traitor.


The only reason I don’t believe Trump is a Russian mole is that there’s no way he would keep his mouth shut about it.


Cheat to win. It’s the GOP way.


After living abroad for a while*, I am open to the idea of having party membership be connected to officially being a member, with dues and all. And the ability of the party to set by-laws for ejecting bad-faith members.

Really, considering the nature of how the USA is direct mandate only, parties really should only be treated as endorsement clubs and not treated differently than, say, the Elks or the Jaycees or Greenpeace. Or the various local, state and federal constitutions need to accept that political parties exist and be amended appropriately.

*All right, all of my adult life


The lengths that the Republican party will go to, to gain and hold on to power are astounding.

The lengths are infinite. Power is the only real GOP platform. Internalize that and any astonishment ends. If enough people internalized it, we would start making actual progress. Progressives are fragmented on a hundred fronts, while they are unified by only one: gaining power any way they can. We’re basically fighting a guerilla army using ethics and hope.


Nail on the head. Every time they start making accusations we should be giving them a good hard look.

Sadly, if there is a way for the Democratic party to remove a member and prevent them from calling themselves a Democrat, I’m not aware of it. I’m not sure what the test would be (probably a vote), but Sinema, Manchin & RFK Jr should all probably flunk the test.


He didn’t. He’s a mole, just not a secret mole. He’s been broadcasting it everywhere. “Russia, if you’re listening”, all those secret meetings with Putin but not anyone else, all the public bootlicking to Putin and how wonderful he is, all the siding with Putin over the American troops and intelligence agencies.


‘They, the mainstream media said I couldn’t be a mole for the Russians, but a guy came over to me, big guy, strong guy bare to the chest - Brad or Vlad - and he begged me ‘Please sir, I need you to be a Russian mole,’ he said. And you know what? I think I could be a great mole - and we’re getting there.

‘You know, they say that if Trump isn’t a Russian mole he sure acts like one. He’s never gonna — he’s got such great support in Russia - did you know I took Miss Universe to Moscow? I did a great job bringing peace to our countries. So we’ll see what happens, but I’m telling you, this is one of those things.’


In espionage parlance, he’s technically a “useful idiot”.

Since he didn’t know how to be a president, he was taking advice from Putin and emulating his tactics, without understanding that what he was saying was in line with Putin’s attempt to weaken America by getting Americans to fight each other. He was the most useful, and the most idiotic idiot ever in the history of useful idiots.

With Trump’s willing cooperation while remaining oblivious to the effects on the US, Putin got him to damn near end America.


Bullshit. He understood that part perfectly. It doesn’t take a smart man to do what he did. It takes a violent bully who is hungry for power.