That Robot Dog from Boston Dynamics has a new job on the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad

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Dead or alive, you’re camming with me, says RoboPup: Bomb squad hires Boston Dynamics Spot to snoop on suspects, packages


Bored of videos of people kicking these things. They’re stable. Great. Now, what I need to see is a video where someone lifts up the hind legs and keeps them up in the air. What does robodog do then, eh?


“On one hand, this makes sense; cops have been using robots to take point in potentially dangerous scenarios for years.”

Should this line say, “dogs” instead of “robots” or have I been missing something for years? I’ve seen those bomb-disposal “robots” that carry out controlled explosions, but that doesn’t seem to fit this sentence.

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Boston Dynamics has to take some more inspiration from the animal world. Skunks to be precise.


I just hope it doesn’t use Vista…


That’s raising questions from civil rights advocates about how much oversight there should be over police robotics programs:

When dealing with law enforcement, isn’t the answer ALWAYS “a LOT more oversight?” Does anyone even need to stop and think?


I was thinking same. It already runs on gasoline so it could puff out a giant fart of exhaust. Like rolling coal.

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I want one big enough to ride.

It would be neat if this bbs had a bot member that we could read from and write to and ask it to look up stuff.


Displays its “C-4 Explosive Onboard” sign.

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You simply have to click on the WBUR link. I had no idea those things could open doors. Looks creepy like WTF?

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