That time a 'Family Feud' contestant made Steve Harvey say, 'I quit'

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It’s weird that they combined “mom” and “mommy” but not “ma” and “mama”.


Yep, that’s the weirdest thing about that clip, uh-huh.

I don’t think that BB should direct any attention to Steve Harvey unless it is for the purpose of pointing out his racism, sexism, homophobia, and hypocritical religious self-righteousness. Google “shit Steve Harvey Says” for some examples. He has negative things to say about women, homosexuals, Asians, and atheists that should earn him the derision of everyone.

@Rusty_Blazenhoff I hope you’ll see this and give it some thought.


Only if you haven’t watched at least 5 episodes of the Steve Harvey hosted Familiy Feud. Creating moments like this in the entire premise of the show. There are dozens of clips like this on YouTube. This is the formula: Select crazy contestants who don’t know how to filter what they say (preferably ones who also aren’t terribly bright, but smart people are fine as long as they’ll say the first damn stupid nonsense that pops into their head); ask ridiculous questions, often set up to elicit responses involving sex and/or genitalia; let Steve Harvey do his thing; wait for moments like this, which are inevitable.

I also have to echo @bsx . Steve Harvey has a history of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and probably a few others. The shows questions are also typically very heteronormative, and overly reliant on sexist stereotypes (women are hormonal/emotional, men are dumb/cheaters/motivated only by sex). It’s almost like they’re all written from the perspective of a stand-up comic from the 80s. Shocking.


Let me be the third voice to reinforce the idea of NOT GIVING BIGOTED ASSHOLES A ‘SIGNAL BOOST.’

Steve Harvey is a garbage-ass excuse for a human being.


Thanks for the heads up. What I don’t know could fill volumes!


I appreciate your humility. If you ever find yourself in need of an easy topic to post about, you could throw together a PSA titled something along the lines of “Steve Harvey is a garbage-ass excuse for a human being” (as @Melizmatic so aptly put it). :sunglasses:

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Unfortunately I’m sure no one held him to that utterance. At the same time, I’ve never been sure how this show ever made it on the air in the first place. The “correct” answer is what everyone else is saying? Oh wait, never mind, now I get it …


For sure not the weirdest. Did I say weirdest?

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