Watch Steve Harvey announce the wrong Miss Universe


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Whoops, wrong universe!


In the pic on your post, Miss Colombia looks awfully like the Colombian character in “Modern Family”.
I don’t actually know any Colombian women, but I assume they don’t all look this similar… :confused:

(Also, why is the singer of “Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)” presenting Miss Universe?)


He’d make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.


Miss Philippians

Ah yes, Philippi. Famed for the beauty of its women. And also for being abandoned since the 14th century.

But on a bigger note, it was pretty progressive of the pageant to cut ties with Trump, but why did they hire a host that’s a blatant misogynist and is about a hundred years behind in gender roles?

This dude completely shames women in sex tapes and acts like the men who made the sex tapes with them are invisible. Why was he selected to host the MISS UNIVERSE pageant, which NBC markets as an event celebrating female empowerment?

I didn’t bother watching this year’s because seriously, eff Steve Harvey. Lo and behold, he focused on the contestants’ bodies rather than asking them about their accomplishments.


A good moment to plug one of the most incredible movies I have seen in forever, Brave Miss World. In case all those sparkles and spangles are blinding your eyes - watch how this woman used her platform for some real social justice.


I had an uncle who started to watch the Miss Universe pageant once but turned it off in disgust because “there were too many foreigners in it”.

I recommend him for the job of next year’s judge.


He should have known he wasn’t in the mirror universe, since none of the contestants had goatees.


How deep does this thing go?!?!


There are an infinite number of Miss Universes.


Who cares anyhow? I didn’t even know it was on.


This remains to be proven, it is currently only an (unverifiable) hypothesis which, as CERN results continue to bear out the Standard Model, looks very shaky. Better physics needed.

However, for this universe the current Miss Universe is 7 cojoined brood siblings of Gender 36, from the third most dominant species on the second planet of a medium-sized red star in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. They won the award for solving the P=NP problem while wearing the 14-piece costume they use when snorkelling in the famous methane infinity pool on the third planet of the same system.



Sorry, I meant to say “Missed Universes.”


Oh man, the footage immediately afterword is amazing. We don’t get to see Miss Colombia’s face after he announces his mistake except in the widest of shots.

Wide shot, wide shot, behind shot. Shot of Miss Phillipines, more of her reaction to the news… no, don’t show the two of them together, just show the happy one.

Wow, just amazing.





I was more like wait Miss Universe/America/etc is still a thing? sigh.


Damn, son. This isn’t Family Feud! You have to step up your game!

I feel really bad for Harvey. I mean anyone can read the wrong thing. I do admire he at least took responsibility for it.