That time Davy Crockett met Bigfoot

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Good to know that Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) speak English.


Chewie, No!


I can’t wait to measure something in foundlings. (It’s ten foundlings to an orphanage right? Base ten)


Glad there was no typo, too. How to measure something in fondlings?

(An imperial fondling is the distance a hand can travel in 2 seconds. A metric fondling is how long it takes to touch the whole surface of a particular platinum bar in a museum somewhere in Paris.)


Speaks English, knows about the political situation and disappears in a literal puff of smoke. I.e. Bigfoots are magic, not living animals, which is obviously why no one ever finds any evidence of them.


There’s also a fair amount of early Mormon folklore about people meeting a bigfoot-like creature that identified himself as Cain from Genesis.

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OT @Mangochin: How did Chewbacca end up in a Indiana Jones comic book?

Dark Horse Comics was licensed to do Star Wars comics at the time (Marvel has it now)

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this is the first ive heard of a TALKING bigfoot.

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A magic Bigfoot that talks and can see the future. We’ve hit the trifecta of weird shit. Ya gotta wonder if Crockett’s previous meal had included any mushrooms.


“I swear to you, Abner, that whatever meat or sausage disagreed with me that afternoon, I swore off all beef and hog for a day or so afterward.”

It sounds like Davy was saying he had experienced a nightmare caused by some stomach distress. Apart from that, wasn’t the American mid-19th century riddled with popular publications that lived on exaggerated (and downright made-up) tales of wild west adventures?

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