That time Donald Trump was elected Mayor of London

I think rapey is a bit much without evidence or suspicion of rape, but that appears to be a quote from the source article and not Doctorow.

Now, it can be pointed out that Boris Johnson withdrew funding for the only rape crisis centre in all of London. That’s a bit pro-rapey IMO, -pro-rapey- still isn’t rapey I guess. He has since doing that rectified the situation, so less pro-rapey than he once was, if only politically.

Yeah, but it wasn’t being used to describe the apparently alleged rapist Trump (alleged because I’ve not heard the accusations, just that weird rebuttal) - it was used to describe Johnson, who isn’t (as far as I can see on a quick Google).

I’d also argue that “rapey” is a problematic term regardless of accusation because it turns it into a comedy descriptor of someone creepy or weird, rather than being about the illegal act itself.


Yah, I don’t think someone can be rapey. They are a rapist or merely creepy or socially inept or any number of other problematic things people can be.

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I guess how acceptable you find BB using the phrase “rapey clown” comes down to if you think BB is calling out the phrase or reusing it. And it doesn’t read as a call-out to me.

But maybe BB would be fine with a link to an article describing one of them as rapey as long as we put it in quotes to show it wasn’t our opinion, just that of that other bloke. :confused:

You don’t see a conflict between the party members who want an actual left-wing politician like Corbyn, versus the leadership who want a Blair clone? Do you think Burnham is likely to be an election winner?

(FWIW, I really like Corbyn, and hope he wins)

Did he, though? I know he threatened to (again).

I see it as sorting the wheat from the chaff.
I think Andy Burnham is very much a ‘yes man’. He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear, he even resembles a ventriloquist’s dummy. Yvette Cooper has more chance than Liz Kendall, but JC is what’s sorely needed after Milliband.
If the leadership won’t support him there’ll be plenty who can step up, despite the claims otherwise.

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But Boris never gave the reporter’s address to Guppy.

So really this is just a phone conversation making Guppy look bad, not Johnson.

A double dose of “president” George W. Bush didn’t smarten you up?!?

As the disembodied head of Richard Nixon said while running for reelection in the year 3000, “…the average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever.”

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