That time Prince won the Super Bowl

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Prince was a fabulous performer, an amazing musician, and prolific composer. I still have a hard time accepting we lost him so early. :frowning:


This brings to mind Rob Cockerham of’s ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful Super Bowl Halftime Show Prank.

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I never really liked most of his music, but anyone who says his SuperBowl Halftime show was not the top or at least in the top 3, is completely mad. His showmanship was just mindbogglingly good.


Dude was a ball of awesome.


Man, I wish I had seen him live. But it probably would have sucked a little as I don’t like giant crowds. But he was a consummate performer.


I never liked Prince – I always thought he was just a pretty boy pop star. Then I saw his 2004 performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and was blown away. Man, do I feel like a fool for ignoring his contribution to American music for so long.


Speaking of Prince and football, he once made a song for the Minnesota Vikings


I never get tired of this performance. Here’s keyboardist Morris Hayes:

It was raining when it was time to go on – but it wasn’t raining hard enough to stop us. The producer asked if we were okay, and Prince was like, “Can you make it rain harder?”

From Prince's 2007 Super Bowl Set, Remembered by Keyboardist Morris Hayes | Billboard | Billboard. A lot of good anecdotes in there, but this is the best.


It’s an indication of how great he was that he turned something that would have been a major setback for almost everyone into a huge advantage. I first saw this right after he died, and when he actually got to Purple Rain it killed me. So much talent.


I miss Prince.


I’ve always been amazed that this didn’t garner much more attention. This was 6 years post 9/11 and they were able to infiltrate the Superbowl like this. Amazing.

Yeah, Prince was a phenomenal musician, who from the 70s was doing everything himself. He had a tireless work ethic, and was constantly improving himself. He truly was on of the best artists of the the 20th century. Some got confused that he was a “pretty pop star” because he loved to strut like a peacock and dress to the nines (and looked fucking gorgeous doing it), but the man’s talent was just out of this world.

the revolution nuts GIF by Prince


Came here to post this same clip- it’s my favorite one of him. The contrast is so striking. The main stage is a bunch of ‘70s crooners competently plinking away on a boring song. Meanwhile Prince is all, “you dudes do you, I’ll just be over here in the corner SHREDDING”. And he makes it look easy. Such unbelievable talent.

Start watching at 3:30 for maximum Prince.


Indeed; Prince was a certifiable music genius and his influence went well beyond mere theatrics and amazing showmanship.

I was lucky enough to see him live once; his show was incredible, even from the ‘nosebleed seats’ he so loved to give shout-outs to.


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