"That wasn't me, was other guy with same name"


I recently googled my name and found out that my name-clone committed a horrific crime. I guess that explains the lack of callbacks on job applications, hm. What about you? Have your name-clones done anything?


Having googled my own name, I’ve found:

  • A priest
  • A lawyer
  • A soil scientist
  • A luthier
  • An incarcerated sex offender currently in prison in the same state I live in

Thankfully, I’m not likely to be confused with someone still locked up, by virtue of well, not being locked up. I’m a bit worried about when he gets out.


A female surfer from Hawaii, a dealer in Nazi war memorabilia, a few fellow painters, and too many southern sorority belles to count.


My name clone was a 9/11 co-conspirator.


well, I guess we’re all on a watchlist now!


I have a couple of cousins with the same name, but those slackers never do anything.


If you think about it, that’s all the makings of a crime ring right there. Especially the soil scientist.


Mark Dow (not the stock pundit or me) is a Florida Man who can’t hide his stash, collecting a list of pot charges longer than our arms. I collect his mugshots, just to see how he’s doing. I’m looking forward to smoking a bowl with him some day.


Near as I can tell, there’s only one of me in the world. My first and last names are somewhat uncommon, and so don’t end up paired up much. Although I’m sure there’s got to be one of me in Wales. Probably at least 50, and doesn’t have much of an internet footprint.

  • Australian footballer (Aussie rules)
  • Lead singer for a Syracuse-based hard rock band
  • Animator and visual effects artist at ILM (a couple people have contacted me mistakenly thinking I was that one)
  • Famous late 19th Century Irish politician
  • My great-great Paternal grandfather

And probably many more since people from England and Ireland usually aren’t that creative with names.


Same here. Weird last name, unusual (in North America) first name = no damn excuse. Sigh.


I don’t have a super common name but if I Google it, there’s no trace of me on the front page.

At least none of my name brothers appear to be terrorists, rapists, child pornographers, or anything like that. Although one of them appears to be like a hedge fund manager or something. Eww.


There is a journalist with my first and last name, a psychic, a YouTuber, several people on LinkedIn and Facebook, someone on Pinterest, a few doctors, wow it would take a while to make a full list. And I even have the less common spelling of my last name.

However none seem to share my middle name. All of the find people sites think I’m still in Louisiana and there are some wrong cities attached to my identity, probably from bad post Katrina find people lists. I had some cousins looking for me with bad info.

There are a few people who use this alias, some model and someone who goes to DragonCon. I think I’m the only one making and selling chainmail under Nytespryte though.


Ha haaa I dominate all my name dopplegangers!


My name clone is an only-slightly famous photographer, but it was always funny because my amateur photos that I put up on photo.net 15 years ago were, for the longest time, ranked above anything of his. I imagine it must have driven him a bit batty.

Eventually he got enough of a web presence that he pushed himself to all the frontpage rankings. We actually have a cordial once-a-year email relationship, driven entirely by my forwarding him emails from his relatives that mistakenly get sent to me.


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