The 11foot8 bridge has some competition

Just south of the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee, a roundabout was installed some time between 2000 and 2005. A wide, sweeping curve leads into this roundabout, and speeding drivers fail to negotiate that curve so often that someone pointed a webcam at it to catch the mayhem.

For a channel that’s about four months old, there’s already plenty of content.


The roundabout replaced quite a basketweave. (Story has Crash #001.)


I saw this 6 foot garage overpass at a condo/hotel in Oregon

Left side is 5’6" and far right is 6’3" – we immediately thought of our friend, the 11foot8 Bridge. :wink:


Man. We should have sent this video to the Olympics to represent our country.

Heading south from Canal Street, Google Street View shows a single yellow-diamond roundabout warning sign between a drawbridge and the fancy suspension bridge. It’s kind of easy to overlook, and there are no warning signs for the slight leftwards curve leading into it until you reach it. Quite a trap for the speeding dumbass.

I wonder what the crash rate is now, versus the even-worse monstrosity it replaced?



thanks for the awesome information.

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