The 1982 JC Penney Christmas Catalog

I still kinda covet those desktop size Coleco cabinets.


You’re in luck… you can play the flash version of Dark Tower in your browser here:


I still have my original Stop Thief, Dark Tower, and Dungeons & Dragons tabletop. :slight_smile:

OH god - this and the Sears catalog. Looking at the Star Wars toys and Transformers. Drooling.

What sucks is my family was hit by the recession back then. We were on gov. cheese :o( I still had Star Wars toys, but nothing like my cousin who had EVERYTHING.

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Lost Treasure is actually a pretty decent board game. My father bought it for me when I was maybe six or seven. The noises are obnoxious, but the game play is surprisingly good. I still pull it out and play it with friends now and then.

The toy section was always in the back. Used to spend hours poring over these catalogs.

My uncle got me a Merlin for Christmas, I think it was '83, though.

I programmed it to play “Red River Valley,” a tune I had never heard before. I guess because it was the first one in the booklet? Or maybe because I didn’t recognize it, and wanted to hear what it was? It took for-fucking-ever to key in the note sequence. It was all current memory, though, there was no storage. so once you had a song loaded, if you wanted to play a different game, it would wipe out the song. So, the music feature ended up being a trap, all you could do was listen to your song exclusively until you were ready to cut your losses on the time-sink of programming it in favor of Magic Square or whatever. Or, you could program a different song, but I never used that feature ever again. Fool me once, Merlin…

But now, whenever that scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles comes on, I have a moment.

Thank you - I couldn’t remember where it was!

These are nostalgic for me but not as a childhood memory. I was a designer at Mattel at the time and designed all of the software for the Teach&Learn and the Children’s Discovery System. Critical successes and financial flops!


There are several more albums associated with this flickr account, sears, spiegel, montgomery ward, jc penny, etc

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