The 4 great betrayals of Donald Trump

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As bad as it’s been, it will take some time to internalise how extraordinary it was to see a (now former!) occupant of the White House selling the country out completely to a foreign autocrat to whom he was, indirectly, in hock.

As this dark chapter closes, one thing I will not miss here are the Useful Idiots constantly excusing the malign behaviour of the Shirtless Wonder on the false basis that a “president” said there was “nothing to see here”.


Meanwhile, Fox News be like: “Russia? Never heard of her.”


Four great betrayals? That seems a bit of an undercount.


More like “Russia? They’re really helped us out in a pinch”:


All the other betrayals are considered, “lesser betrayals.”


“Read the rest”… Yeah I’m going to pass today thanks


This is the key phrase-- you can’t even discuss this issue with the other side because they just deny it outright-- Russia is “fake news.” There’s no way to proceed. And the end result (so far) is now they even deny Trump instigated the riot we watched him instigate – “Antifa provocateurs disguised as Trump supporters caused the violence!!”

Until there is campaign finance reform, an end to gerrymandering, and more money for education the GOP will not change.


That was my thought, too. I wonder exactly how many incompetent or malicious people he appointed during his term. That’s a LOT of betrayal.


Or, possibly, directly. Trump himself apparently believed he was doing business with Putin himself, through intermediaries, with some of the money laundering.

What’s amazing is that at this point, even people who aren’t Trump supporters think the investigations exonerated him - because he said so - rather than what the investigations actually showed, i.e. the opposite. What’s maddening is that Trump supporters dismiss reports of everything Russia’s done since because Trump does - not recognizing that Trump’s dismissal of Russia’s attacks on the US are proof of his ongoing collusion.


Ah yes, Trump really helped Putin.
25 Times Trump Has Been Dangerously Hawkish On Russia

A bit out-of-date, it misses the more recent flailing-around of Pompeo on Nordstream II.

Trump and the US foreign affairs community have helped Putin the same way that the USA spent ~50 years helping keep Fidel Castro in power.

Reportedly the entire Russian agricultural sector hold prayers daily that the US maintains sanctions.

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