Trump approval rating drops 5 points after redacted Mueller Report released

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What can we possibly say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said already.


That, as of yesterday, he’s suing the leader of a congressional committee personally in an effort to keep his taxes from becoming public.

The president of the United States is suing the head of a coequal branch of government in an effort to keep him from doing his job.


Good answer.

But I won’t be satisfied until he shoots someone on 5th Avenue in broad daylight on live TV, and 40% of US voters blame “a deep state hoax.”


Donald Trump could drive to my cousin’s house, kick her dog and strangle her and she would look deep into his eyes and insist he’s a gentleman and these nasty Democrats are responsible for all of it. It goes beyond simply appealing to her prejudices. It’s zealotry. She believes more strongly in him than she does in Jesus, and Jesus used to be a really big deal for her. 2000 years from now there may be billions of people who pray to Donald Trump.


The Fox News is strong with them.

Their headlines:

  • Trump tears into New York Times, demands apology in fierce Twitter tirade
  • The new deranged fantasy of enraged left
  • Hannity: When will the fake news finally apologize?
  • Sen. Mike Lee: it’s clear that Dems were disappointed by Mueller report

You’d never know that had Trump not been president, he’d be faced with 11 counts of obstruction of justice right now.


Hard line conservatives are probably pissed Trump let the redacted report see light. In their eyes, trump should have fired everyone and burned the report on the white house lawn, then his rating would have sky rocketed.


His eulogy?


His prison sentence.


The Soviet Union also looked uncrackable until it suddenly folded up like wet cardboard.

This is like a religious conviction - and religious convictions are not lost in one argument that ends with “Oh, now I understand, I’ve been totally wrong.”

Have a little faith in people; just keep patiently bringing up the hard data, keep it in the public eye, let it sink in. (This is what I hated about the Russia speculations: they were not hard data. The NYT article on the Dad’s gifts and tax avoidance, if only that had been on such heavy rotation for years.)

And remember his victory was so slim you only need to peel off a few percent.




Except he wouldn’t be, because nobody would give a shit about some failed businessman / reality TV host.

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I have more faith in hearing the one before we will ever hear the other.

If some enterprising artist hasn’t made a Trump themed Weeble by now, they really should.

That, or one of those inflatable clown punching dummies they had when I was a kid that had a base full of sand, so it would stand back up until you managed to knock a hole in it.


The reports of Russian interference in the 2016 election were based on solid information as were the many, many reports of contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians during that time. Trump’s personal glee regarding the Russian hacking is a matter of public record. Trump’s defense of Putin and rejection of his own intelligence agencies’ findings are also a matter of public record.

The only part that was speculative was the suspicion that the Trump/Russia relationship might have crossed the line into “illegal conspiracy,” and even on that front there was clearly more than enough evidence to warrant an investigation.


Given that the lowest presidential approval scores recorded in the modern polling era are in the mid-20s, it’s probably the case that a certain percentage of people are going to give the president a pass, no matter what, likely because no matter how bad you think he is, they’re okay with it, because they’re not paying that much attention unless it directly affects them somehow. Beyond that, you’ve got partisans who agree with whatever the president is doing, and want him to do more of it (again, regardless of what you think). Or, relatedly, they
benefit in some way and are willing to put up with a bunch of crap for it. Now it’s true that having more partisan media outlets doesn’t help–cable tv networks pushing agendas 24 hours a day means it’s harder to move the needle one way or the other with real news.

So, yeah, at this point, the fact that the Muller report is having some noticeable affect is actually significant. Just about everyone paying any attention before hand had already made up their minds–they’d ‘priced in’ what it was going to say before it even appeared.


“We, the jury, find the defendant guilty.”


Turmp voters are individually human, but collectively not.

I would gladly be civil enough to not say such ugly things, if Turmp voters were civil enough to not make it true.


And a new genre of dystopian fiction is born.

(Please let it be fiction.)


I don’t know. I think it’s pretty optimistic to assume there will still be billions of people around 2000 years from now. Especially if they follow the “teachings of Trump”.


Also, the White House has been blatantly in contempt of congress - they haven’t produced a single piece of paper (or witness) in response to any congressional committee investigation subpoenas so far. The House is scheduling contempt votes now so someone might be going to jail before long.