Trump brags about high approval rating, then immediately blames Mueller for his low approval rating, calling it 'presidential harassment'


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Comes with the job Donny boy. Suck it up snowflake.


all of the other pollsters have his approval rating at a low 39%-43%, and that his "aggregate approval rating is around 42 percent, as of Wednesday

I cant freaking believe it’s that high!




Just think; if it hadn’t been for that Ken Starr investigation Bill Clinton’s approval rating would have been 115%.


It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, but Trump is the weaver and he is telling his supporters are how great their new clothes are. MAGA

We have a lot of communist-phobes that are afraid that if they don’t support “their guy” that the liberals and socialists will take over the country. We’ll raise taxes, dismantle the military, and take children out of bible school and into re-education camps. CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA!


The great uniter! Half the country hates you! Good job, you get an F.

(It just astounds me how he crows about a biased poll still showing a pathetic approval rating for him.)


There is a surprisingly large group of people out there who are not only trying to blur the lines between church and state but also the lines between Trump and Jesus.


Have you ever seen them in a room together?


A fun question to ask conservatives is “which of Trump’s qualities remind you most of Jesus Christ?”


Something nailed something prostitutes…?


Look, I know this will sound insensitive, but I don’t even pay attention to the guy anymore. There’s no provable logic at work here, so to me, Trump has descended into the sort of low-frequency rumble one would hear living within a quarter mile of a freeway.




Bitch, please…


Is that one of those “Godfather” hugs?



Dolly Parton’s approval rating isn’t 75%, and she’s fabulous! :smirk:


Yeah, she is


I can. I think Americans are traditionally inclined to grade the president on a scale. If they’re not being personally affected too much by the president’s policies, they’ll give him a pass. Especially if the economy is going okay. To have persistently low approval ratings, particularly when things should otherwise be good for the president (low unemployment, etc.) you have to suck at the job pretty badly.


What do you mean presidential harassment? It’s just locker room talk.


He got 46% of the popular vote. I imagine most of them still think he’s doing OK.