The AARP celebrates Luke Perry's 50th birthday


Well given he looked about 35 during 90210, this isn’t that surprising.

Til Andrea/Gabrielle is actually 5 years older than Luke.

Is it worth noting that for such a multi-national cultural touchstone of a show, all of the main cast (Brian, Jason, Ian and Luke, Tori, Shannon, Gabrielle and Jennie) are all still alive. If you asked me if that would be the case by the end of the '90s, Shannon at the very least I would have expected to OD.


“Retired” People?


You retire at 50 in the USA? Wow! I’m moving! They take care of you, right??!



Agreed, I wasn’t a fan, but my sister was.


I liked him best in Hot Pants College 2.


Technically, I don’t think that it stands for anything anymore. Perhaps that’s because there are so many people now who anticipate never being able to retire that an association devoted to actual retired people seems limiting…


I belong to AARP and I still think that’s funny! True, but funny! :slight_smile:

Aside from the whole political activism thing, it’s good for a 15% discount at Denny’s!


The membership is dirt cheap and comes with a ridiculous amount of discounts. There’s no reason not to join when you turn 50. Just, avoid their website (yes, it’s as bad as you’d think).

Interestingly, their focus on issues – social security, for example – makes them moderately left on the political spectrum. They’re not specifically political, but they’re definitely not leaning toward a Tea Party-style organization at all, which is impressive considering the age of the membership.

And the covers are quite often of people who have just barely squeaked in to qualifying for membership. It’s kind of funny, because obviously 50 is not very old these days, especially not when the cover photos are of celebrity types, who by definition are more generically beautiful and attuned to being stylish than the average Jo(e).


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