The AARP celebrates Luke Perry's 50th birthday


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“There, there, it’s ok…”


Time has been tough on ole’ Luke.


He looks like an younger version of Bryan Cranston.



At least his hair hasn’t gone grey yet.


Apocryphal anecdote: some guy joined aarp in his 20s for the discounts and they couldn’t turn him down due to age discrimination laws.


They really look alike:


I never liked 90210… but this is still somehow disturbing. Then again, I’m only 6 years behind him…


@TheGreatParis: I think there’s some hair dye involved. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me it’s like, hey, you know that kid from the 90’s? He’s 50 now!!!

OTOH, he really doesn’t look bad.


I’d not heard of AARP before, I immediately thought of Hodges.


Cultural pointers for the non-Americans… AARP? What’s that then?


It’s like the NRA of social security.

Oh sorry, that probably doesn’t help. American Association of Retired People.


It’s an organization for people over 50 years old. It stands for American Association of Retired People.


Luke Perry is 50!!! How is that possible?

(I know, wrong Buffy…)


He would look better if he let it go natural.


Can’t unsee this now.


I know, right? If our generation’s teen idols are getting old, it makes us (or me, at least) feel old. (Ok, Luke Perry wasn’t my cup of tea, but still.)


He always was the world’s oldest ‘teenager’ in 90210, though. Or the most weathered.


Well, that’s the problem. He can travel through time and space…but not both at once.

He might want to try giving space a go for a while :wink: