The abysmal information security at Trump properties has probably already compromised US secrets


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These guys are on a list now if they weren’t before.


It’s hard to know, but with these tools and knowledge, they probably already were.


We’re all on the list.


That’s why nuclear war is such an attractive option. Everyone is guilty anyway.


PR language is precise but used to conceal. “We follow best practise”. Yes, we follow by 40 years behind.

[edit - now, if they said “we comply with” that would involve actual lying.]


I thought Trump was a leader, not a follower.


I wonder how many people and/or organizations had compromised his old phone before he was required to replace it and how many have compromised the new one by now.


The counter-argument is: Hey, the president has a mobile secure communications equipment package, his team surely isn’t using any of these insecure networks to do official work! The problem is, a secure communications channel more than likely doesn’t provide all the networking (and printing) needs of the administration when working out of the place. An administration that has shown, on multiple occasions, an egregious lack of care with classified documents, use of old, insecure phones, a love of social networks and dodgy internet “news” sites, and their basic willingness to do official work out of a property that wasn’t secured by the Secret Service (the property they did that with Trump Tower, where he never spends any time) and is essentially a public space. So yeah, it’s almost a certainty that the Trump administration’s work has been compromised - probably in multiple ways - at that location


I’m surprised the Secret Service allows you to pull up your boat 800 ft from Mar-a-Lago and just sit there with an antenna.


That’s a bit ridiculous securely communicating over an unsecured link is what encryption already does. And don’t forget the whole operation is setup to do all it’s work and communication in foreign countries under surveillance from their intelligence apparatus. Setting up their own local secured networks that uses a satellite link is relatively simple and the obvious choice for providing a secure communications link without ever touching the local networks. And the idea that the president’s entourage would rely on finding a local printer they can connect to is pretty out there too, with all the equipment that they haul around for the president a printer isn’t anything.


That relies on the administration doing certain things - like not using unapproved devices - that we know this administration isn’t doing, though. It relies on an administration that understands - and takes seriously - security concerns, something that the Trump administration has proven isn’t the case with them. So…


He leads the world in exchanging security for a little convenience. (did you notice social media shares fell this week as a result of 9th circuit IP decision and the Trump revelations?)


It would be nice if the media took this and ran with it. They could start making a list of all the instances of Trump jeopardizing US security, and we can all compare it to Hillary’s emails.


That list will be a part of the Trump collection in the library of congress.


That’s ok, they can just log in and delete their names next week.


Oh noes, what if it had been an ACTUAL potato gun?!?!?!

It could be the beginning of the SPUDPOCALYPSE!!!


I wonder if one-time pads are often used by US officials. Requires some good logistics to set up and use efficiently, but there’s nothing more secure for the very secret stuff.

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