The ACLU has a roadmap for defeating President Donald Trump's signature initiatives


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Does part of the roadmap involve taking the concrete for the Wall and applying it to the disintegrating roads?


The ACLU has a roadmap for defeating President Donald Trump’s signature initiatives

Here’s hoping they won’t have to use it.


Well, of course the America-hating ACLU is plotting to stymie Trump’s attempt to Make America Great Again! Luckily, Trump’s first act in office will be to repeal the ACLU and replace it with something really great!*


  • Trump 2016!





The ACLU has promised a comparable analysis of Hillary Clinton’s positions.

Because it’s important to remember that both sides do it equally, regardless of what “it” is.


What? It’s a very common Jewish name, and Cory’s ethnically Jewish. (I know that I grinned when I saw it).


just never knew his middle name was Efram

i know Efram (Ephraim) was the second son of Joseph but he was also the star of 77 Sunset Strip and The F.B.I. - Zimbalist Jr. that is. And I initially thought a John Wayne character was named Efram too but it was actually Ethan in The Searchers.

anyway - Efram’s a cool name - just didn’t know it was part of Cory

: )


I was named for a great aunt called Esther.


Wishful thinking!

A Trumped Up Supreme Court will end any chance
of Judicial Remedy. Permanently.

And of course a DOJ run by David Duke will treat
the ACLU as a terrorist organization.


Just wait for the “spontaneous” attack on the ACLU’s headquarters by an “outraged” mob of “patriotic” Americans.

Statement from President Trump after the incident: “I realize this was a regretable event, but there’s a lot of passions out there. Believe me. And the lying lawyers of the ACLU should have thought about that. There’re scumbags who make our borders weak.”


I had a great aunt called Ethel.

not the same really

ah well


Fight the good fight!


“Evidence free” for gay conversion isn’t evidence free. The evidence is in…it’s harmful…


My grandmother was named Winifred.

I used to work with someone named Donna-Lee Alison Frances Bernadette McKerron Zammit. And then there’s the famous Tamil cricketer, Warnakulasuriya Patabendinge Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas…


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