The Alpha Gun Angels are Israeli gun influencers

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The ad that appeared with this article seemed appropriate.
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Christ. As if I don’t already have enough to worry about.

Looking at their web site, I had to giggle. This is from their calendar:


Her photos were often accompanied by captions punctuated by flag emojis, promoting American-style gun rights rhetoric alongside Israeli nationalism: “no matter how hard it’ll be WE WILL DEFEND OUR LAND!” or “#gunsdontkillpeople #secondamendment.”

Yeah, about that #gunsdontkillpeople… how are we even supposed to parse that, when it’s accompanied by a person posing with a gun in a way that is clearly supposed to be intimidating at the very least, spouting aggressive rhetoric? “Guns don’t kill people, but we’re ready and willing to use them to kill people”?

I mean… is that supposed to be reassuring to those worried about people using guns to commit violence?

Also, the obligatory:


Guns don’t kill people, angels kill people?


“ Israelis are well-armed, of course, but any similarity to conservative Americans masks a fundamental difference: In Israel, guns are tightly controlled and carefully tracked by the state.

Israelis must meet a detailed list of criteria (Hebrew link) to be allowed to own a firearm. They must ask the state for a license, are permitted only one gun at a time, and must even ask for permission to sell their gun. And the Firearms Licensing Department is no rubber stamp: Roughly 40 percent of requests are rejected.

Indeed, before even requesting a license, Israelis must meet minimum age requirements, be in good health and of sound mind, and have no criminal record, among other preconditions.

There’s more. Once they are granted the right to carry a gun, Israelis are limited to just 50 bullets in their possession at any given time. They must shoot or return old bullets before they can buy new ones, a process that can only take place at tightly regulated shooting ranges where each bullet’s sale is carefully registered. The types of guns permitted also depend on the reason for the license – i.e., a veterinarian may only purchase a gun approved by the government for the killing of animals, a hunter’s license only permits the purchase of a firearm from an approved firearms list kept by the Parks Authority, and so forth.“


Technically, it’s true that guns don’t kill people, unless you use one as a club. It’s usually the little pieces of metal that come out of guns very fast that kill people.


Well some Israelis are allowed guns and their sale is restricted because you wouldn’t want the wrong sort getting their hands on firearms…


The firstborn of ancient Egypt agree with you.


So is this a return to “Chicks with Guns”? I guess that, as long as the models own the means of production and distribution of their material it could be a step in the right direction; though the photos on show do scream “male gaze”.


Reminds me of 'The Saints" from Hitman: Absolution, minus the satirical value.


Anyone who types “women with guns” into a search engine knows the aesthetic is popular and has been for a long time. Pics like those are all over the internet with or without gun manufacturer sponsorship.



Can you expand upon what your message is?


Sooo - what exactly is the issue here?

  1. There has ALWAYS been this sort of cheese cake in posters, magazines. and media. Remember the VHS isle in the 90s with the cheesy B movies of some group of killer models turned mercenary or what ever. Gals prancing around in camo and face paint and machine guns to fight terrorists or aliens or what ever. Or things like Cleopatra Jones?

Is it a bit childish and silly? Yeah. Can it be nice to look at? Sure. YMMV.

  1. “Bunnies” to sell stuff to men is also nothing new. Guns, video games, paintball, computers, cars, etc etc. Is it childish and sometimes demeaning? Yes. But that speaks more to our culture as a whole that needs a paradigm shift. Sex sell. (And sex sells for the ladies too, though they don’t seem to be targeted as much.)

  2. They are in Israeli and looks like they are peddling Tavors, which are Israeli made guns.

So I ask again - what is the issue? Water is wet?

Is it bad because we shouldn’t be using sex to sell stuff? Ok, true, but good luck with that.

Is it bad because people come for the babes and are being underhandedly advertised to, thus dodging a rule? I mean, half of instagram is trying to sell you something even if it isn’t overtly.

Its it bad because they are selling guns and guns bad? Mmmkay?

Japan loves depicting realistic guns in manga and anime. It is truly impressive how accurate some of them are. Even some of the made up ones like in Tri-gun are realistic enough that if I were rich I’d have someone build me a working replica.


Which is exactly how the gun manufacturers have been maintaining plausible deniability for this ad campaign.


The Occupation is evil.


Are we now a site for posting adolescent gun porn…




My takeaway of the “bad” was this:

So it’s clear to me that Facebook/Instagram should shut down that loophole.

But they won’t, because “influencer + engagement = mo’ money for FB.”

They can have their (hah) “moral” stance of not allowing guns to be advertised, and have ad revenue brought in through this side channel at the same time.