The Animals' "The House of the Rising Sun" (1964)

One of the reasons I actually like this song is that it is on every karaoke network in Japan and when I end up arm twisted into going to company drinking events with “singing” there is at least one song I can actually do.


Saw them live way back in the day. Very underrated band. Thanks.

Babymetal needs to cover this. Irony wrapped in irony.

I’m digging the minimal Ionic columns!

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One of Newcastle’s best bands (well, them and Venom :slight_smile: )
This is the B side, as I recall:

What about Lindisfarne?

Prefab Sprout? Maxïmo Park?

“There is
a house
in New Orleans
they call the Rising Sun

it ain’t the one in Eltham. nor the Wild West. prostitutes and gunslingers probable, though.

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glad I finally got to this thread. “You’re Telling Me” is a real mother for ya. Hammond B3, if I’m not mistaken.

so, while we’re on the topic of the blues and the B3:

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Lindidfarne lost all credibility when they redid Fog on the Tyne with Gazza

I must check to see if this is in the Awful Song Thread


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