The anime that was created by a Japanese cult

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I frequently remind my trophy wife and my young children that I am hep to the jive by saying things like, “I’m hep to the jive.”


This week, guest masochist Aaron Rabi joins us for a discussion of “The Laws of Eternity”; the product of a spectacularly weird Japanese cult that seems to be equal parts Buddhism, fevered mushroom trip, and Ultraman.

On this week’s episode, Mark from the How to Heretic podcast joins us to desperately try to convince you this is all what really happened in the movie.

On this week’s episode: Eli, Marsh, and Heath team up for an atheist review of the intergalactic Jesus Buddha cult classic The Laws of the Sun.

This week, Dan and Jordan from the Knowledge Fight podcast join us for another foray into the animated insanity of the Happy Science Cult.


You should introduce her like that to everyone.


or injecting too much slang into a commercial

Always thankful for the occasional reminder of how unfunny Family Guy is. Next video in the list was a shot-for-shot animated recreation of a classic Juicy Fruit ad. For…reasons. Thanks, Seth!

I’m not surprised that a cult made an anime. The entire genre can get a bit cult-y. I love it, but there’s some weird stuff out there. Including some of the fans.

I often do. It’s a joke between the two of us that she, a very progressive feminist, gets a kick out of.

But yeah, I do hear how it sounds out of context.

I happened to see Fukkatsu no B (from Part 2) at a film festival many years ago. (The curator often came up with some questionable choices, though he tried hard.) I thought it was novel that Christian sects did not have a monopoly on such propaganda.

These bozos also get mocked in conventional anime:

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Happy Science was one of the biggest spreaders of Trump’s Big Lie in Japan in the immediate aftermath of the election, too.



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