The CPAC replacement speaker for Milo Yiannopoulos was a notorious Japanese cult-member


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wow from a man baby with attention issues to a person completely out of touch with reality. they are moving up in the world for sure.


So “Happy Science” is made up science?


CPAC has been allowing reality-challenged loony toons to speak on their stage for years now. Why should 2017 be any different?


Still a vast improvement.



To be fair, neither of these people were invited to address CPAC as being representative of the organizer’s or audience’s belief system. They were supposed to be represent alternative branches of conservative thought. 'cuz nothing says tolerance and free expression like inviting folks who are whack-jobs, just as long as they agree that liberals are evil.


Yes. Real science creates happiness for others.
It is not, on it’s own, happy. Unless theres dinosaurs involved. Or giant doom lasers.


meh, Moonies have been long-time Neocons and they control a lot of media. More scary than these guys.


I’m psychic and I’ve interviewed his future ghost. It ends embarrassingly for him. He should stay away from purchasing rubber panties and restrictive breathing paraphernalia.

Small criticism- he’s never going to make it without a ridiculous 1980’s bad blonde dye job.


Doom lasers make ME very, very happy.


The Japanese name of the group is 幸福の科学 Koufuku no Kagaku, which literally translates to ‘The Science of Happiness’. Why the group chose their English name to be ‘Happy Science’ is beyond me.


I was in Japan 4-5 years ago when Happy Science first made their dive into politics. They spent billions of yen on political advertisements, and with all the money they spent they were able to get a candidate on the ballot on every single district in the entire country. The face of their political party (and their hopeful for the Prime Ministership) was none other than the leader’s own wife.

And when the election results came in… they didn’t win a single seat. Oh well, better luck next time.


Found the right link finally!


Are their beliefs, or methods, in any way similar to Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health?


Amended: Barrel’s bottom identified, but then they found a trap door leading farther down…


I can see how conservatives might like the idea of “science” that makes them feel happy and safe and comfortable.

But, you know:

“Modern science has imposed upon humanity the necessity for wandering. Its progressive thought and its progressive technology make the transition through time, from generation to generation, a true migration into uncharted seas of adventure. The very benefit of wandering is that it is dangerous and needs skill to avert evils. We must expect, therefore, that the future will disclose dangers. It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties. The prosperous middle classes, who ruled the nineteenth century, placed an excessive value upon the placidity of existence. They refused to face the necessities for social reform imposed by the new industrial system, and they are now refusing to face the necessities for intellectual reform imposed by the new knowledge. The middle class pessimism over the future of the world comes from a confusion between civilization and security. In the immediate future there will be less security than in the immediate past, less stability. It must be admitted that there is a degree of instability which is inconsistent with civilization. But, on the whole, the great ages have been unstable ages.”

Alfred North Whitehead,“Science and the Modern World,” 1925.


Probably just as scientific as Scientology.

Wow, I’ve never heard of these guys!


Ha! Their religious logo:

Now… How the heck do they mark it as a registered trademark?!


That can’t be easy to found that many nutjobs. We have to give them credit for that.