The art of Grant Gould


How about putting some of these behind the fold? Browsing through 29 images that aren’t 100% SFW is obnoxious, and OP is a repeat offender on this formatting error.


Boing boing is NSFW.

I’m in agreement with Woodchuck45 on the formatting. Anyone who is interested in the first one or two pictures will click through the fold anyway. Forcing everyone to scroll through pages and pages of images they may not want is not very user friendly. Not picking on OP in particular; this type of post formatting seems to come up weekly.


What happened to Rose’s face?

“Read the rest”

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These are awesome and all but why did you have to paste a bunch of images from the artist in a blog post about the artwork of the artist?

Also, I am at work and find that the low cut tops and expressions of womanly determination writ across the faces of the female characters to be mildly upsetting to my notional sense of political correctness. I AM at work, you know.

also, wahhhhhh, baby go boom boom.

That’s a real mature attitude ya got there.

One could quickly scroll through most material, but when it’s 21 friggin pages of art clippasted from deviantart, that’s pushing it. And I never said these were awesome.

(Thanks, whoever fixed the formatting!)

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Well, no one ever accused me of being mature or composed. My apologies.
(Also, Grant seems to use ‘grant_go_boom’ as a handle, which must have somehow informed my outburst.)

I wonder if boinbgbong is aware of Grant’s tabletop role playing game, Blade Raiders?

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