The Art of Magic – a card index and nature guide to Zendikar

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MTG art just gets better and better, unfortunately I never did connect with the floating rocks or the elderazi of Zendikar.

I would love to see some all time great originals in a travelling gallery, I wonder if WotC could ever make that happen?

And this one… Graphic!!! you have been warned Blood Artist

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Looking back at the early, early, Magic sets, I miss the cards that were really only barely connected by a theme. Now everything is pre-planned and the artists are given style guides and detailed explanations of what the world is like.

I agree, and it is the same for the strategies as well. Magic used to feel like a complex, chaotic, puzzle where random pieces assembled into exciting synergies. Now power cards rely on their companion pieces which also display the same thematic elements, a great example are the tribal strategies. Now feels less chaotic and more pre-constructed.

(and least likely to involve the word “eldritch”)

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of that in the upcoming sets “Shadows over Innistrad” and “Eldritch Moon” (yes, really).

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