The Art of Zootopia – A fantastic companion book to a fantastic movie

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Mine’s arriving today. Can’t wait. Brilliant movie with just stunning art.

What kind of crazy book organization system are you using? Why isn’t Freeware next to Software, Wetware, and Realware?

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Because in any library it’s Freeware, Realware, Software, Wetware. Alphabetical, yo!

I went through a phase between high-school and college where I decided to organize my books by Library of Congress Catalog numbers. #NeverAgain

As a quick follow up, if you enjoyed Zootopia, definitely check this book out. The unused sets, characters, and entire districts of the city are really brilliant to explore, and you see plenty of art from the film’s previous incarnation as a sort of creepy dystopian allegory where prey animals rule Zootopia and have mandated that all predators be permanently outfitted with shock collars, and the “preds” maintain a rebellious underground to overthrow the dominant prey.

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