The augmented reality future turns out to be putting ghostly furniture in inappropriate public locales


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I drink coffee on that.


Wait, they’re already assembled?

Here’s a few more furniture apps utilizing ARKit:


But if you try to sit on it, you end up on the tracks. Surprise!


This is like Gibson’s Spook Country except the geo-located virtual objects in the book were art instead of advertisement.


I think it’s important to note that the New York City subway is a perfectly appropriate place for Ikea furniture. I’ve hauled many an Ikea piece over to friends’ apartments or my own via the subway.


These AR implementations remind me of the anime Denno Coil, where public shared spaces share AR events. So multiple people with goggles or glasses that are AR capable can see their own UI, but there is also certain objects that are also seen or experienced by everyone in a given area.

I saw about 4-5 episodes of the anime but i rather liked the AR concepts in the show. Need to remember to pick it back up.


Ohhh, can we have an AR/VR version of this next


First rule of the Ikea Place app…


I saw it through to the end and enjoyed it. Yeah, the hacking methods use goofy cartoon AR tools, but…they’re literally tools programmed by kids, of course they are.


It’s like the Robot Chicken invisible jet bit!


You know… For anyone doing a FPS game, that’s quite a handy 3D model library of props for stocking a dungeon or alien lair.


Now that’s a future I want to live in. Frankly, I’d love a future where you could be assured buying a piece of furniture there just required 1 trip.


Considering its an anime the over the top hacking stuff i don’t mind, but the concepts of shared AR spaces in the anime are really interesting.

And thanks for your thoughts on the anime, i’ll definitely have to pick it back up.


Once homeless people get the app, they’ll start feeling right at home there with all that nice new furniture.


Can my Second Life avatar have sex on it?

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