THE BATMAN trailer, re-dubbed with the audio from the CATS trailer

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So in this adaptation I guess Catwoman’s driving motivation is to attend the Jellicle Ball?


I suspect these re-syncs would work more often than you’d expect. A few years ago, watching live TV, an ad for another TV show aired with the wrong audio. Let’s say it was an ad for Breaking Bad, but had The Walking Dead’s audio track. It still worked perfectly – same beats, same breaks. There’s clearly a template (or, at least conventions).


It’s a pretty good song, sang by a very good singer.

oh and Elvish also did it for the Mandalorian

I put the audio
from the Cats trailer over the Star Wars Mandalorian trailer and
I’m freaked out about how well it fits

Elvish Presley (@elvishpresley) August
24, 2019
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I don’t know about a Butthole Edit, but we can hope for a Bathole Edit…

Alfred, fetch the assless Bat-Chaps :tm: !!

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What the heck did I just watch?

To be clear, I know perfectly well what I listened to - I could hear the audio fine. But what did I watch? It was nearly all just black with the some barely discernible flickers of movement in the darkness.

Not that I was likely to watch yet another darker grittier boot-licky-er violent vigilante movie anyway, but now I know that if I did go and watch it, I at least wouldn’t be subjected to much violent imagery, or indeed imagery of any kind whatsoever.

Great, now we have another shitty trailer with shitty music. Can someone re-dub the Cats trailer with Nirvana so we can see if that makes it any better?

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An actual DC comics character who became a suprising fan favorite after a particularly good run in Suicide Squad.

They seemed to have jacked something up in throwing this together. The official trailer has considerably better contrast.

Mopey as shit, but at least it’s visible.

Please don’t tell me that’s an euphemism and now we’ll have to see the cat’s junk as well as anus in youtube mashups!

Me, I was thinking of a Butthole Surfers edit.

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