'Wonder Woman 1984' trailer features villains Cheetah and an evil man in the White House

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It kind of ruins The Mandalorian if you picture a Donald Trump stand-in under that helmet the whole time.

Also: is there some kind of DC Universe/Cats crossover in the works?


Well, it is set in the 1980s. Or were you expecting them to have a fictional president?


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Yeah lol, I cringed when I saw the cgi fur.

ugh at the end, does every superhero movie have to have lame dad humor? and scenes shoehorned in specifically to allow it?

I am so happy Steve Mnuchin isn’t an executive producer for this one. Now I won’t feel guilty for enjoying it like I did with the 2017 Wonder Woman!

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It’s crazy how a movie released in 1984 still holds up today. Except for the cars and computers. Those date this movie, bigtime.

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And maybe the dance moves.

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That still image of Wonder Woman in her helmet reminds me mostly of “Flash Gordon”. You know, the one with music by Queen.

Are they actually only showing this in theaters?? Or is this going to be streamable? Anyone heard?

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