The BBC finally admits that MI5 secretly vetted its employees, an open secret for generations


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and yet, Jimmy Saville was still hired.
MI5 confirmed for cold war bumbling paper-pushers.




Of course, this is ancient history. Nothing like this happens anymore.


That wasn’t a bugger, that was a feature.








knowing what we now know about e.g. the US agents during the cointelpro era keeping apartments full of hookers, you’re likely right, sadly.


MI5 was never able to catch this master spy:



Yep, seems legit (in a totally unironic way now).


“I never joke about my work, 007.”


Now sue Beeb until it is DEAD.


“Oh, grow up, 007.”

“Don’t touch that! That’s my lunch!”


I wonder how this is going down with the “omg BBC leftwing bias!” crowd (not to be confused with the “omg BBC rightwing bias!” crowd), who’ve been saying that the BBC is basically a communist party recruiting tool all along?


I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. It’s a state broadcaster, after all.


I remember a Radio 4 programme on exactly this subject several years ago. Including the origins of the tree symbol.


And was Jimmy Saville a communist?


For the US equivalent…


No problem. The “omg BBC leftwing bias!” crowd knows that “five” was staffed with KGB moles from day one.


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