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Ah, is that what that was. The Saturday threw me.


Just channeling Luke Harper. :smiley:


Ah: I assumed that the intro tune “Saturday… Is TISWAS day/TISWAS day, is sat-ur-day… (et al)” was a Known Thing.


I believe @M_M and many of your countrymen would agree with you.


I have vague memories of watching Swap Shop…

Not sure I ever watched Tiswas.

Both were a little too early for me.

Never could stand Spit the Dog, either.


Something about the combination of Sally James, heavy metal and custard pies…


I’ve never listened to that song and I refuse to do so now!


I did like No. 73 and then Get Fresh, though.


Seriously, I’ve been looping it since you tripped the trap: it only gets better as you speed it up. Why won’t youtube go faster than 2x?

Kickin’ in the front seat
sittin’ in the back seat
gotta make my mind up
which seat can I taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

Partyin’ partyin’, YEAH!
Partyin’ partyin’, YEAH!
Looking forward to the weekend


Remenber the war of the singles?



I don’t think I remember anything from 1981…


If you can remember 1981 you weren’t actually there.


Oh. Wait.

Not that kind of chats.


Aah, many thanks!
Nothing beats a nice pastis in the morning. :wink:

Quite a chatty and music like topic made here.


Cheers! Hey, when all you have is a bottle of pastis, everything starts to look like a sunny afternoon.

I like to think of it as a l-o-u-n-g-e for the plebes :grinning:

Or really it’s a pocket universe we can divert any derailers into.


A pocket universe, eh?


Hey look! A non lounge lounge!


Non-sequiturs for everybody!


At least we don’t have to keep up with who is who and all that here.
Is it too early for a martini?