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Isn’t the best part of pastis the louche?


I invented 1981!!
At least that’s what I remember.



I’m pretty sure Devo invented 1981.


Some day I will get access to bbs logs, find your IP, geolocate you, show up at your doorstep, and slap you with a crab lobster.



One of us has to be in the right time zone for that to be correct.

The BBS upon which the sun never sets.


I do. I was too young to drink. :innocent:




My bird is in a good mood today. He knows when it’s the weekend. :slight_smile:


Anise. And drinking outside on sunny spring afternoons when the first one makes you feel so nice you don’t mind if you have another… Those are the best things about pastis.


Ooh, yes.
The other one, while you still hear the birds sing.
Some bread, cheese, olives.
Can of water, some ice cubes, and…
Hey! A bottle of pastis. …


How have I never heard of this before? My life was without meaning…


I used to roller skate to that song!


I did, too. (Well, ok. I didn’t actually roller skate… I actually fell and clumsily walked while wearing roller skates.) I wonder why it was so popular at the rinks. It couldn’t be just because of the name of the band, could it?



The heavy beat was a good match for a skating stride, would be my guess.


That is one of the most amazing videos ever.


When a mutant is tired of derailing, it is tired of life.