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On-Topic means sitting on a chocolate bar that has a hazelnut in every bite.


Hey, I was trying to be nice and not call out @Mister44 (:slight_smile:) by name…


I was trying to be nice and not mention that DRM prevents me from making a banana smoothie in my French press or using a smooth sharpen the knife I bought at the BoingBoing store.

Challenge accepted!


Fun isn’t it? And a fair few comedians got their exposure on there, too. :slight_smile:


A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread—and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness—
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!


@japhroaig :


You saw that too, eh? Like it was meant to be


Every time I’ve seen this title flash by after a refresh of the board, it’s made that song start playing through my head.

Unfortunately, since I haven’t seen the movie since I was young enough to not care what year it was, I only remember the tune, and the very ending bits of it, which ends up making it an earworm that repeats over and over while my brain tries to piece more of it together. And if I go out to find a video of it, it’ll probably stick even more for a while, though it’ll be more likely to completely stop at some point.

So, though this is the wrong thread for it… @critter, you monster.


I sympathize. I recently heard that a way to stop an infectious earworm is to actually listen to the song, but especially to listen to the end of the song. I haven’t tried it, but that actual ending supposedly brings an end to the mind’s mindless repetition of part of the song.


Oh, bravo!


And/or repeat-play it until you’re sick of it.
(Though that cure may be worse than the disease… ;))


I’ve tried it in the past, but my mind really latches onto songs, and about the only way to cure an earworm for me is to play it completely two or three times so I can completely memorize the song.

…I sadly have a lot of songs memorized…

(note: in case it wasn’t clear, the complaint was meant in good humor, not serious :slight_smile: )


I’ve heard the best way is to listen to this at least five times in succession.




As an aside, it’s worse when you can’t parse the lyrics. I actually bought the soundtrack album to help nuke because of this one: :smiling_imp:

(Still, it came with some nice origami in the packet, so there’s that.)


If you love the '80’s you weren’t there.


And thus it came to pass that my friends and I would celebrate Michael Ellis week but never at the same time every year.


I’ve heard that too, but never tried it.


I strapped wheely death traps to my feet and fell down to this song.