The Beatles' "Let it be" is 52 years old

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It seems like the pressure of being successful and having a record company breathing down your back to produce a new album and start touring so you can make them boatloads of money isn’t going to be the best scenario for creativity and sustained quality, along with whatever you’re experiencing in your personal life.


I’ve always felt Let It Be was one of the weakest of all their albums (probably as a result of that pressured time limit and the decision to rush it through in a movie hangar rather than Abbey Road) but Across the Universe is one of Lennon’s finest songs.


I’m always surprised by how fast it all happened. They went through all those changes… from conquering America to Let It Be in 6 years!


By 1971 at a garage sale for 50 cents, I liberated a copy of this album, apparently they got tired of of already. Good find.


And not original to Let it Be. It has already been released, albeit in slightly different mxes, in 1968 on charity albums.


This is a new phase BEATLES album…
Essential to the content of the film, LET IT BE was that they performed live for many of the tracks; in comes the warmth and the freshness of a live performance; as reproduced for disc by Phil Spector.

I found the album’s back cover copy interesting and a little funny, almost like they felt the need to explain the lack of polish, the studio chatter between songs, “Dig It” in general, etc.


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