The best deleted political tweets from politicians in 2014


Pity that the only intelligent life form in the picture has been killed and put on display by the dullards on either side. One could hardly expect better from them unfortunately.


Dullard is the wrong word for Ted Cruz. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Fortunately, so do we.

As for the tiger, I do hope it’s faux but it’s probably real. What kind of man buys dead endangered animals that some other man killed? If you’re going to extinguish a species, at least do it with your bare hands.

Is that considered a shit-eating grin, on the left?
Somehow I missed that vocab word and amn’t real clear on it.

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The kind who thinks everyone will think of him as manly for doing so. When in fact, it’s an indication of someone who is not comfortable in their own skin (pun slightly intended).


Uh, well, after the last budget vote I suspect his early success had significantly more to do with dumb luck than intelligence. I’m going to have to side with @iquitos46.

God I love tigers.

That picture makes me want to smash the both of them in the nads with a large sledgehammer.


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