The best Indian food in Los Angeles is served in a gas station


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Best burrito in LA, during my time there, was at the Car wash right near Olvera St. We called it the Burrito Car Wash. Also, excellent Horchata.


I’d go for it, sounds a lot less dodgy than gas station sushi.


Better than the typical Subway type chain I usually see in gas stations.


Nightmare to drive around there at peak traffic times.


Gas station sushi??!!

Worst ‘fast sushi’ here in LA (based on my own experience) comes from Trader Joe’s; garbage. The best is at Whole Foods; freshly made onsite in view of patrons.


Hey, apparently it’s a thing. And it’s more popular than the prez!


The best fish and chips in Seattle comes out of a food truck, so I can kind of believe this.


This one? Cause theirs is goddamn tasty.


Mmmmmm my god yes. They’re in Bellevue on Mondays. I wonder if I have time to stop by.


One of the best BBQ places in the country, Joe’s Kansas City:


For those wondering, it’s at 11261 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Here’s the Yelp page.


More of a comment on LA’s food. A comment I agree with.


The best Tacos in the Baltimore/Washington DC area is a gas station in Jessup, MD.


It’s almost as if you’re looking for great “street food”, you’re not likely to find it in a fancy sit down restaurant.


We have Chester Fried Chicken at many gas stations and 7 Elevens, very large cooking devices for such small counter space. Now and then you’ll find an A&W (note - Canadian A&W is vastly superior to the US chain).

No doubt around the GTA (aka Toronto), very large Indian populations so their stations would offer different fare.

At 3am and maybe only game in town, they all taste good though.


So much this. Canadian A&W is freakin’ awesome. You can get cheese curds and potuine FFS.

American A&W is fine… but nothing special.


In the small hamlet of Morrisville, Vermont there is great Nepali food in a gas station:


From their menu:

British Fish & Chips

Whole fillet of wild Alaskan cod in local micro-brewery beer batter, fresh hand cut fries, minted mushy peas and house-made tartar. As authentic as it gets!

Yeah, no. We will pass over the “micro-brewery” batter and the “minted” mushy peas (which I don’t doubt are offered by some oh-so-ironic pop-up in Shoreditch, but otherwise forget it), to focus on the larger sin: the only acceptable thing to put on your fish supper, depending on your region, is one of:

  • vinegar
  • gravy
  • “sauce” (no other name, and appears to be unique to Edinburgh, although you can get a dubious imitation in parts of Fife).


The best Indian food in Terre Haute, IN back in 2005 came from a former Chester Fried Chicken kitchen at an independently owned Sunoco station.

Later they opened a free standing restaurant but they seemed to be using different recipes that weren’t as good.

Man I miss that Chicken Tikka Saag.