The best person who ever lived is an unknown Ukrainian man


Whenever someone IRL at, say, a school function talks about their “right” to not vaccinate their children, I show them my scar from the smallpox vaccine. Do you have one of these? Nope. Know why? Because my generation was the last one to need them. If we would all just have the intelligence and common decency to do the same with this generation, how many vaccines would their children never need to get? (I know, I know, they’re not all as easy as smallpox to get out of the ecosystem.)


Damn! Just checked, and mine is too faded to use as an argument.


The best person who ever lived is an unknown Ukrainian man served at the campaign fund raiser barbeque for - INSERT FASCIST HERE.


That was a good, interesting post. Thanks. If the argument is about pure utility, I have a nomination:


I thought of the same thing, only in a comically foggy and imprecise way. If nobody’d mentioned it, I would have taken my fuzzy search terms and tried my luck at Google.


Matt Damon?

That’s fucked up.

But to be fair, that article was chock full of such luminaries as Lisa Simpson, Rupert Murdoch, John Miller and Dr? Oz.

the first scientist was in the 73rd position, Anthony Atala

Esquire Magazine… setting the standard.


Wow. I guess John Snow does something after all.


Well in THIS timeline it was stopped. Others,not so lucky.


so… did you have a different nomination, or you just want to make sure we all know the writer of this post is wrong?

I do not contest anything asserted in your wall of text, but I think, just possibly, that the appellation “the best person who ever lived” might imply obvious hyperbole. Just me?


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