The best Trump tweet of all time


It’s far, far more likely that he’s had a stroke, passed out on the toilet, got distracted by a cable news program - or something shiny - and then fell asleep. I kind of suspect that no one would allow him to make really important, crisis-related decisions.


Didn’t they cover Tears of a Clown, I started a Joke and I’m a little Teapot?


Maybe he means the Castle Covfefe?



Now it redirects to an online store where you can buy all manner of covfefe related goods. So if there ever was any doubt, we can say the forces of capitalism work much faster than the President’s spell-checkers.


Ya know, I’d probably buy that mug if I had any confidence the shop wasn’t going to just run off with my CC info.


Yeah if he was written in C he’d be dumping core right now. I can almost hear the disks chunking away.


I read about covfefe before they made a movie about it.


I read covfefe back in highschool


Covfefe – a beer cocktail containing equal parts of cough medicine and Hefeweizen.


Aaaaand it’s gone.


This covfefe tweet kerfuffle must be one of the best kerfuffles ever tweeted. It will live on in our hearts.


North Korea is still there, stop worrying.


That’s why I don’t have a twitter account. 90% of my tweets would be like this :slight_smile:

The autocomplete between my brain and fingers is completely borked. And the strange thing is I don’t even see it while typing. I see what I meant to type. I need to read back everything I type to see the bazillion typos.

the brain is strange.

I suspect D.T. never formally learned to type and still does the 2 finger rambling I do as well.


Sigh. This is just a storm in a covfefe cup.


I HATE that the off-puce puke has made a joke of it now, with his stupid, obvious “who can figure it out?” follow-up. His zombie army will lap that up (“he trolled all the libtards LOL” etc.)

A lot of reports seem to be genuinely perplexed as to what it could mean. Surely it was unambiguously going to be “coverage” until he went outside to chase cars, or whatever it was that distracted him?

That, or else it stood for “Cuddly Old Vladimir Fixes Errors For his Employees”.


Is Russian for ‘I have tiny hands’.


The popular vote loser doesn’t drink, so that pretty much leaves weed. Weed or a stroke, or a stroke-like apoplexy of rage. Come to think of it, weed would probably improve his performance in many areas.


I was wondering how “covfefe” was pronounced. After all, predicting English pronunciation from spelling is only slightly easier than predicting the pronunciation of a Chinese character you do not know.

Before asking everyone here, though, I decided to give the a spin, and — yes!

For now, though, there is only the British English pronunciation of covfefe by a male speaker. We need more diversity there.

Does American English even pronounce it the same? What about regional variations?


Reassuring really, while he still has the power to press the nuclear button, his attention span has now become so short that he’ll likely abandon the whole thing before the launch process is complete.