The best video store in the world carries only one movie


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That has to be one of the best crazy art things I have seen. I wish I was local enough to go get a membership card.


And it’s Ishtar.

(Fake internet points and a fist bump to anyone who gets this one.)


Say. The. Line.


That’s fucking amazing!

I wonder how many people wandered in there, not realizing it’s sort of an art installation?


These men are pawns!


You had me at “video store”.


Wot, no Beta? I have an overwhelming desire to ask them whether they have this on beta and then walk out…





The best line. “I can’t believe these men may control the fate of the middle east”


Personally I think Being John Malkovich would have been the way to go, but that’s just me.


Beta’s for the porn version.


There is a big thrift store I frequent, and I noticed one day that someone with time on their hands organized all the dvds, so there was this long row of nothing but “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary”-- it was like a graph showing what videos were the biggest sellers in the last ten years.


Returns video to cashier: “This was great! have you got any others like it?”


Practical point: Does their near-limitless stock of any given movie in their collection obviate late fees?


Not reading the post cause that movie had to be das boot


Do I want to know what is in the “adult films” section behind the curtain in the back of the store?




I don’t see how that’s possible.