The best way to learn HTML is by watching this death metal video


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That was more informative than most college courses I’ve taken.


cute as fuck


I miss the days when you could sit down, bang out a bunch of HTML in Notepad (or HomeSite if you were really serious) and have an entire website up on a $20K per year hosting deal. Ah… 1995?


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Last week I couldn’t even spell HTML…


B tags for bolding? This truly is satan’s HTML…


Yeah, and that IMG tag should have a / before the > and a description in an ALT. :cold_sweat: Plus putting text outside of some sort of tag is bad form because you won’t be able to do much with it once you learn CSS. “I can only style this text by applying a format to the entire page and then overriding that style for everything else.”

It’s still really cute though. Just don’t learn all your HTML from it. :laughing: I was laughing so hard my kitties got scared. :crying_cat_face:


Since this was HTML and not XHTML, you don’t need to indicate self-closing tags with a trailing slash. The <b> tag is also valid in HTML – it just indicates that the text will be styled differently (in HTML 5, anyway). In this case a <strong> might do a better job conveying the intended semantics, though.


I’m deeply conflicted about whether or not this should be classified as ‘technical death metal’.


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