The best way to prepare for 'Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi' is to watch this 4.5-hour Episode 3 supercut a few times

Originally published at: The best way to prepare for 'Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi' is to watch this 4.5-hour Episode 3 supercut a few times | Boing Boing

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Anyone else here that stopped keeping up? I got older and I just don’t have the time to focus on this any more.


Looks like the acting lessons have paid off for Hayden Christensen.

This is awesome and I had no idea it existed!

Some of these storylines are my favourite in all of Star Wars, and I’m excited to watch them cut together like this. This was superfun just with the bits from the last season of Clone Wars cut against EPIII, let alone all the associated stories. :slight_smile:


There is a 5.5 hour version with Bad Batch, some Force Awakens, SW BFII, and other cut scenes.

I would add the death of Depa Billaba and the initial escape of Caleb Dume, but maybe not bother really naming/identifying/following the Bad Batch down their path beyond “they are troubled by the new Empire” and let that storyline stand.

This with 4k/the good sound is my choice. This supercut, I think, ties with Rogue One as favorite SW “movie.”


I stopped caring about Star Wars when the prequels came out, after having been a huge fan through most of my youth. The new movies stoked some interest, especially the fantastic Last Jedi and the very good Rogue One. But then the sib-prequel-quality Rise of Skywalker pretty much tanked my enthusiasm again.

Some leftist game critics I enjoy started a podcast called “A More Civilized Age,” watching and commenting on the Clone Wars series. I recently got access to a Disney+ account and have been watching mainly to be able to listen to that podcast. It has a very rough start and is deffo a mixed bag, but at its best it heightens the prequels and tells some interesting untold stories from the Star Wars universe - particularly humanizing the clone troopers who largely served as Cannon fodder in the movies.

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It will get a lot better in the later seasons, the finale is wonderful. 1-3 or even 4 are rough. I was skipping it until it became the gateway my daughter found to Star Wars.

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I’m right at that cusp, dipping into season 4 right now! It’s been interesting to see how the show has grown both technically and in terms of its writing. And when an episode is weaker, it’s nice to have the podcast to lean on to provide context and (sometimes funny/critical) commentary on the production outside the show and the politics within it.

One funny tidbit that I always notice now is that, because Grievous says “I thought you would be older!” to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, the show has to go through plot gymnastics to make sure Anakin and Grievous never, ever meet, since, canonically, they have to meet for the first time in a later movie :joy:.

We watched our own supercut on Disney+ a couple months back after finishing Rebels, and it was really good. The last Clone Wars season really does a great job improving RotS.


Exhaustive list of Star Wars properties worth watching or playing:

Episode IV A New Hope
Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: X-Wing
Star Wars: Tie Fighter
Star Wars: Battlefront (and maybe BFII)

I think that’s pretty much it.

Great animation re: texturing, coloring and shading, but why must all the characters have such huge heads? So they all look more like kids? It feels too bugsy malone, bummer.

Hi, I’m NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman.

I’m actually the editor behind this cut.

Firstly, thanks for the endorsement.

Secondly, the reddit thread you’re pointing too is slightly older now. All the methods to download/obtain it still work, but it’d be helpful if people used the newest links/playlists/trailers to prep and watch this release. The cut is now up to version 4.0, with a few small (hopefully final) changes and a Qui-Gon voice cameo added near the end based off of yet another deleted scene from the film. Check the latest sticky posts in the reddit profile to see the updated links and trailers.

Also, I’ve done other projects, like Extended Episode I and II cuts since then that help to better flesh out character details like Anakin and Padme’s relationship and restore 17 more deleted scenes in both films. I’ve collectively started calling the whole set “Prequel Trilogy Special Editions” now. Feel free to check all 3 film cuts out too, along with a long list of Chronological clone wars TV Film edits and other projects I’ve done.

Thanks again for the endorsement. I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I can’t wait for Kenobi to release.


Thank you so much.

Surely, this is against the Geneva Conventions. Oh, the humanity.

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