The fourth episode of Obi-Wan

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Is this really that good? I forced myself to watch “The Rise of Skywalker” in preparation for this and immediately lost appetite for more abuse by the franchise.

Mandalorian was entertaining. Boba became a joke after a few episodes. I dunno if this new series is worth the investment.

Why would you watch Rise of Skywalker to prepare for this? You want to watch the 4.5 hr Siege of Mandalore cut of Ep 3. RoS is a waste of time and takes place decades years later?


I just wanted to finish watching everything for completeness. I regret the decision.

This link may help. This story ends in the exact place picking up the Obi-Wan story should and really helps fix Ep3.


You really don’t need to watch anything. Just jump in - the first several minutes of episode 1 offers an excellent recap (my husband, a casual viewer, thought it worked well to set the context for the story the show is telling).

And I love Tala, too! What a great character…and a cool role model for a young girl.

I’m ready for any upcoming ass-whuppin’ that needs to be delivered to the jerk apprentice with the galaxy’s most obsolete CPAP.


Both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance continue to have terrible operational security practices.

i.e. “The Empire has Leia! They could force her to reveal all kinds of critical intel on our underground network!” So… maybe don’t share so much need-to-know intel with a ten-year-old you just met?

I think this is the first time we actually saw what those cylindrical objects that officers always seem to be carrying are used for though. I just figured they were some kind of oversized pens.


The worst example has to be that episode of The Mandalorian where it’s revealed that to unlock an imperial data terminal to access classified information such as ship locations you need to have your face scanned. And it will work on literally any face, as long as it’s not the face of a former imperial soldier that’s already in the system.


The red scanner thing in the Fortress is also hilarious as anyone can just walk around or past it. It seems like you only walk up to it if you are asking to be harassed.


It was enjoyable watching Ben putting his rusty blade skills back into active service but it was a 36 minute comedy of errors where they can waltz around an Empire base like it’s an open day or something. I can suspend my disbelief only so far but Ben walking straight out in a trench coat with Leia tucked inside and nobody thinking that looks a bit odd was just too much. Wasn’t this just a massive reset episode? I mean it ended with all the pieces back in the same place and nothing seems to have moved the plot forward with only two episodes to go.


At least it was his head sticking out of the top of the trench coat and not hers.

My kids and I were thinking it looked about as convincing as this:


My kids and I really liked this episode, but I suspended my disbelief when the blaster ricochet cracked the undersea tunnel glass. It just seemed like a major oversight for an armed fortress to lack the necessary reinforcing. At least the doors could be shut tight enough to prevent the wall of water from breaking through. :roll_eyes:

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In the writers’ defense that’s pretty much always been the case for Imperial bases in Star Wars.


Yeah, the whole “we’ll let Obi-Wan break into our secret facility and free our prisoner Princess Leia in an elaborate scheme to plant a tracking device so that we can follow them back to their secret anti-empire organization” plot feels familiar. Guess that Vader was just a big fan of that plan and decided to try it again about a decade later.

That explains why Leia was wise to the ruse the second time around, although it doesn’t explain why she still led the empire to the base when she knew she was being tracked.


This is indeed the case and yet the sequence in Obi-Wan is lacking all the charm of that and nothing of real consequence happened.

it was only 36ish minutes long, so not really massive :wink:

( it did push third sister’s background forward some - there’s some hesitation on display there. and the formation of the rebellion )

i am digging the show so far. i just wish all these “seasons” weren’t so short.

side note: i do want them to explain what the main character’s name is. “obiwan” sounds like padawan… so apparently some sort of honorific. “ben” appears to be a pseudonym. so maybe it’s just “kenobi”?? ( or “obi ken obi”? yikes, that’s even worse. )

everyone else in star wars gets two names - including mr. bacca ( i mean i’m assuming “chew” is a first name :thinking: ) - it’s all very confusing

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Animated GIF


Obi-Wan Ben Larry “Steve” Kenobi.


Not yet, anyway.

The trenchcoat costume was hilariously terribly. Even more unbelievable than the standard “put on a dark baseball cap and no one will recognize you” method in sooo many other movies.

I’ll forgive it though, as I really like the show so far. (I am very easy to please with SW content)

My favourite scene was angry Vader storming down the hall. There was a convincing menace to that scene.

The empire definitely isn’t a great employer. No safety rails, non-reinforced windows in an undewater base, and constant threat of murder by executives. :wink: