The Obi-Wan finale was pretty much perfect

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I still don’t quite understand what the whole plan with Third Sister was. I mean I get her character’s motivation, seeking revenge against Vader regardless of who else she had to hurt to do it, but it still didn’t really explain what her plan, if anything, was other than rising through the ranks in order to get close to Vader and…? She seemed very reluctant to take full advantage of the opportunity/offer that Obi-Wan’s distraction provided, and didn’t make her move until after Obi-Wan had already left.

Also, seems like Leia’s dad was extremely careless in sending that unsecured voicemail saying “sure hope you guys are ok and also that Vader hasn’t found out about his kids and hey, BTW don’t forget that Luke is still hanging out on Tatooine with Owen.” But I guess it’s understandable that a parent whose kid was abducted might be distraught and not entirely rational.


I think Third Sister went from a poorly thought out revenge plot to perhaps her own new series or a character in upcoming other series.

S many questions about Bail. Is he just a lousy dude who took the girl cause they wanted one and left the boy to rot? Why separate them if you are royalty and have the cash? He has no better agent to send to fetch his daughter than an aging failure? Endangering Obi-Wan and Luke at every turn. Seems like a guy waiting to have his planet blowed up?

I would have preferred Vader say “You may try” when Obi-Wan hit him with “I will do what I must.” and I think Owen needed to say “Luke Skywalker? Meet Obi-Wan Kenobi.” if they were gonna do that intro at the end. Don’t the fans deserve a little something?


So lightsabers through the abdominal and chest cavities aren’t fatal?


Wow. I really thought it was awful. Third Sisters turn felt completely unearned - she has not shown any sign of growing throughout the show, we know she has murdered force sensitive children before without a second thought, and would torture a child if left uninterrupted, but killing Luke is suddenly bridge to far? Of course the plan to get back at Vader by killing a son that he is unaware of and has no connection to made no sense anyway. Why not have her at least realize how strong Luke is with the force and try to kidnap him and turn him into a weapon against Vader only to be stopped by Ben?

Leia’s emotional connection to Ben just makes it even weirder that she is relatively unbothered after his death in New Hope and focuses on comforting Luke even though the guy that saved her life and helped to set it’s course just died (oh yeah, and her whole planet)

And the idea that Owen would be doing anything other than pointing that blaster rifle at Ben and telling him to get the hell away from Luke and never come back after nearly getting him killed is insane.

The Qui-Gon cameo was just groan worthy.

I really wanted to like the show - I love all the actors and the performances were great, it was just all in the service of a story that made almost no sense internally or within the greater Star Wars universe. Once again it feels like they have worked so hard to make connections between characters that were never needed in the first place and keep the Star Wars universe tiny. Tell the story of lil’ Leia - it’s great - but it doesn’t need to be Ben saving her (nor does it make any sense for it to be). The universe is big, we don’t need to have everyone in the entire story secretly have met before over and over.

Well, we know it’s because Leia and Luke were not related to each other or Darth Vader until midway through the writing of The Empire Strikes Back…but yeah, why waste this opportunity to improve that retcon with some strengthening of that story? It all just feels like a wasted opportunity spent recreating scenarios from “future” movies as fan service instead of creating new stories?

Sorry for the length, it just really bugs me how throughly it feels like they blew this thing from a story standpoint.

I will not even be irritated that travel time between any two points in the universe is literally 3 minutes (like Ben’s ship’s arrival at the farm), because that has always been Star Wars :wink:


The only person who has died and stayed dead in Star Wars is Padme because she can’t stomach dealing with Anakin ever again.




LALALALALA - I haven’t seen the last 2 episodes. I kinda hoped to watch them with the kiddo together, but it seems like we will have to wait to meet up to see the last two together later. We did the first 4 while at a trip to Grandma’s and she liked it! I had to give her quick 3min explainer on who the major characters were. She has only seen the original trilogy twice. I know, I am remiss in my duties, but Covid KILLED our watching media together :frowning:

Anyway - hope to see the last two in the next few days.


The lightsaber battle was as epic as promised. I loved the moment Obi-Wan changed from his defensive form to go on the attack.

Do you mean when he had Vader up against the ropes but then stood around jibber-jabbering?

(Insert leopard eating faces gif)


Then, when he realized that none of his friend was left to save and that the entity that remained gloated at killing him he shrugged and walked away thinking “Oh! I will have to be sure and say that to Luke someday!”


I like the idea of Obi-wan and Qui-Gon doing a Bing & Bob - riding on the back of a bantha - singing:

“We’re off on the Road To Mos Eisley.
This bantha is tough on the spine.
Where they’re goin’, why we’re goin’, not like on the playa;
I’ll lay you eight to five we get to meet young Princess Leia!”

Gotta figure out how to do a patty cake routine with light sabres.


If I had the time I’d put together some kinda meme about how apparently nobody in the Empire is really evil (with the possible exception of the Emperor) they’re just doing evil stuff in order to get the opportunity to take out a higher-ranking even more evil person. It’s getting to be a very long list!

  • 3rd sister
  • Jyn Erso’s dad
  • Finn
  • General Hux (tried to take down Kylo)
  • That Jedi-saving spy lady in The Kenobi show
  • That Empire doctor guy who saved Grogu in The Mandalorian
  • Young (Imperial Soldier) Han Solo
  • Darth Vader himself

That’s just off the top of my head, I’ll bet there are many more.

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Guy who designed the Deathstar!

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Fulcrum in Rebels.


Hold my beer…

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I have minor complaints about little story points in this series, but mostly enjoyed it.

If Third Sister‘s, writing, direction, and acting could have been better, it could have made this series better by an order of magnitude IMO.

That said, I had a bit of a goofy grin on at the end. It mashed a bunch of nostalgia buttons.

Cue next nerd…


Once again Obi-Wan doesn’t have the balls to finish off Anakin. How many millions/billions would have been saved if he had a bit more intestinal fortitude.


it was fantastic. i’m exceedingly happy.