The best way to protect yourself from lightning? Live in a developed country


There’s something troubling about that headline to me. I think we’re attributing causation to something that covaries with behaviour, and the behaviour is the real driver of the difference in lightning death between developed and developing nations.
If you look at the majority of US lightning deaths in the past, they were people working outdoors in agriculture. Nowadays they have ROPS if it is mechanized, and crew chiefs with liability concerns if it is not.

And somehow the whole text that now is on the post was not visible to me, and I see that this has all been addressed.


Denizens of developed countries are less likely to believe in lightning-bolt-wielding deities and thus are not subject to their wrath?


Well, looking in the other hand, Brazil is 05th place on countries with incidence of lighting storms. That raises the probability of getting hit.

Add to that the fact being a tropical country, there`s more people outside.

I do agree at some point that industrial ways to do agricultural/outdoors jobs could minimize the number of cases, however lightnings are not hitting farms only. Aprox. 1 week later the death mentioned on BB`s article, a tree busted into flames after getting hit.

And it was not as mentioned in the Bible, although its a good explanation for the books passage…

Avoiding getting struck by lightning is an excellent reason to choose to live somewhere else. I’m getting tired of hearing about entire families getting killed by errant lightning strikes.

Avoid lightning strikes by living in developed countries?

Alas, all those silly golfer’s who mistakenly thought they were insulated playing in developed urban sprawls. Tut Tut.

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