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Yeah, good luck with that…


Senate Democrats and Biden need to stand up to homophobic attacks on FCC nominee Gigi Sohn

Gigi Sohn is gay. She’s also a highly qualified nominee for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with decades of experience as a public interest advocate working on issues of affordable broadband access, net neutrality, and closing the digital divide. More than 375 organizations, companies, elected officials, and local governments have voiced their support for Gigi Sohn’s confirmation as an FCC Commissioner.

Gigi’s sexuality is no secret. She’s been out and proud for decades and entered a civil union with her wife in 2007. When she was nominated, organizations like GLAAD and the Congressional Equality Caucus celebrated the historic nature of the pick: Gigi is the first openly LGBTQ person to be nominated to sit on the FCC.

But while deeply controversial nominees with massive conflicts of interest like Ajit Pai and Nathan Simington sailed through Senate approval, Sohn’s nomination has languished for more than two years. She’s been the target of a coordinated, dark money smear campaign. Republican-aligned think tanks have labeled her as a “leftist” and a “radical” despite her years of nonpartisan public service. Telecom funded astroturf groups have flooded the airwaves with misleading ads about her.

But now right-wing news outlets, emboldened by the Internet Service Provider-funded smears, have crossed the line: They’ve launched a new round of blatantly homophobic attacks on Gigi that recycle QAnon and extreme right tropes conflating LGBTQ identity with deviance and predation.


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Beau’s take on why people consider Biden in different ways was pretty good:


I’ll just leave this in here:

Next time paint it blue so we don’t see it! :laughing:


Lots of fast boats with gun mounts on the Potomac River tonight. Probably always are for the SOTU but noticed first hand driving out of DC this PM.


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Uncle Joe did very well. He turned the social security heckling right around on them. They fell for it.

Also - WTF? Is she doing some sort of cosplay?



I thought he did really well, I flipped over to Fox, I think they watched a different speech.

And the Sarah response is a joke.

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White power Cruella Deville?


All the heckling was pretty shocking. And Sanders’ rebuttal was just fucking disgusting and somehow boring at the same time. She seemed to repeat the exact same talking points over and over again before going into a long drawn out story about visiting troops which … every president does? To make a point about what, exactly?


It doesn’t matter. Most people won’t watch the whole unedited speech they figure and they trust fox so the propaganda will work so long as the brand loyalty is there. All sanders has to do is give a soundbite for the propaganda speech fox news viewers will hear about.


Then line from the rebuttal that’s getting a lot of twitter and internet time is…

“The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy."

It’s not the gotcha they thought it would be.


The dividing line in America was never between left and right. The few times in the past when the left had power resulted in Republican and Democratic unity against them.

The dividing line was and remains between social liberals and social conservatives.


Another great line that we laughed about.

Lots of luck in your senior year

“To my Republican friends who voted against it (infrastructure bill) but still ask to fund projects in their districts, don’t worry,” he said. “We’ll fund your projects. And I’ll see you at the ground-breaking.”


And between capitalists and extreme capitalists?

Biden just last night: “I’m a capitalist!”

I wonder if Bernie Sanders even flinches anymore when he hears that ejaculation yet again from our supposedly leftwing president.


I’m pretty sure nobody non-MAGA really thinks Biden is “left wing.” Of course, by current definitions, Nixon would be a lefty, Eisenhower a commie and no one talks about the Bushes. They are furious that they have not been able to tank the economy, and it worries me that they will use the debt limit to do just that. And somehow twist it into a win? Never thought i would agree with Huckabee Sanders, but yeah, “crazy” really is the dividing line. And tearing down is way easier than building. God help us.