The BitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool handles 26 different tasks and can go with you anywhere

Originally published at: The BitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool handles 26 different tasks and can go with you anywhere | Boing Boing

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It’s no BassOmatic.

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There is an old adage from boat design to firefighting apparatus to tool design that simply states that anything that can do multiple functions can seldom do any one single function well. This typical multi tool is just another example. While I have a few multi tools, they are hardly ever my first choice over a tool that I can reliably expect to do the task quicker, more efficiently and effectively and create a better outcome, including better fit and finish. Portability is not everything. A bad analogy perhaps, is that sailors would never choose to race in the Vendee Globe in a house boat, would they?.. but they might have a task specific multi tool to carry up to the top of the mast to do an imperative and critical boat saving repair in Force 8 winds and 6 meter seas at night, a thousand miles from land and any “tech support” …

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Indeed; while the several leatherman tools (supertool, and two iterations of the wave) have served me very well, If I know I need to bring tools with, I have a ‘grab n go’ bag that has a set of stuff I use the most in it; if I need something specific, I usually know in advance and can slap together stuff in a packout stack or other bags.

On a side note, I already spend too much on tools and tool carrying devices; I wouldn’t buy this because it’s too gimmicky, and I already have all of it in a couple iterations worth of dedicated tooling.

Good points. The right tool for the right job. When I’m doing a long-distance race, I carry a multi-tool, because I’m also carrying a pack full of survival supplies and other things. But I don’t know if I’ve ever used one in any other context.

Yes though while my toolbox is in my van, my leatherman multitool is in my pocket and there have been several occasions where having that tool to had has made it possible for me to quickly get a specific job done, much more conveniently than going for the proper tools.

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