The Black Museum of crime


So basically it’s the Batcave trophy room.


“The Black Museum” was preceded a year earlier by a very similar program called “Whitehall 1212” (i.e., the phone number for Scotland Yard). Although it lacks name stars, and and the production values aren’t as good, “Whitehall 1212” was scripted by the legendary Wyllis Cooper (of “Quiet, Please” fame), and I think it’s worth a listen. Cooper’s dialogue is always amazing to me – his characters always seem to prattle on naturally about seemingly trivial things, while somehow propelling the story along without the need for extra narration or blatant exposition.

That is amazing, Brainspore. Never seen it before.

The Black Museum was very popular in Britain and currently runs regularly on Old Valve Radio which streams on the web. Great show Orson Welles was one of the truly great radio stars. He also had a show called “The Third Man” which are further stories about Harry Lime set previous to the famous movie. He also portrayed “The Shadow” but did not do the scary Shadow laughter and instead they used the laughter of Frank Readdick as he was not satisfied at his attempt. Orson Welles also refused to read the scripts prior to performing the show as he felt it added an extra sense of danger to the program. All these programs are well worth investigating but you need to give the OTR shows a chance as you need to learn to listen to them much like you need to learn to watch subtitled movies as it is different from the usual media we consume.

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