The Brady Bunch house is for sale

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Professional flippers are fast.


Did Lance Bass lose interest?

If only I had the spare cash lying around, I’d totally buy this and put the Cheers bar in the den.


That’s really neat to look at, but at the end of the day it’s an insane amount of money to pay for a house built in the 70s that is going to have a lot of old house problems. Did they redo all the plumbing and electrical? Vapour barriers and insulation in the walls? Attic and crawl space venting? California building codes in the 70s were shit and those houses were not well built. I owned a California house built in 62 and it was hilariously poorly built by modern standards. Daylight under exterior doors. Not a stitch of insulation in it. Galvanized iron plumbing. Cloth insulation wiring with no grounds and no neutral separation. A 100 amp electrical panel. Single pane windows caulked in place with no drip rails. Pine shingle roof with no flashing or caps on vent pipes. It goes on and on.

Plus, by sticking so perfectly to the TV show and the era, they’ve built a $6m house with shitty veneer panelling, shitty 70s sliding cabinet doors, high pile carpet everywhere, faux brick tiling, no storage, an awkward split level floor plan, and all sorts of other terrible things that nobody paying $6m for a house in 2023 would want.

Good luck to them.


I would guess that a good scenario for this house would be to use it for some kind of 70’s themed bed and breakfast but for the cost of the house it’d be pretty difficult to make the money work out to keep that endeavor afloat

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I wonder how many millions I would need to consider a 5.5 million novelty house.

I’m not much of a fan, but he got hosed. If they try to do it again…

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For $5.5 million

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Does it come furnished? That horse statue in the living room is worth enough to pay for the entire house.

But is the quality of work that was done worth the 6 mill asking price? I’m willing to bet that answer is going to be no, as they want to do the cheapest possible job that makes the house look good so they can get the maximum dollar amount out of it and let the next poor sucker buyer deal with dumping another quarter to half mill into it to bring the working systems (electrical, plumbing, etc.) up to code.

As @VeronicaConnor mentioned, houses of that vintage, even if they were well built, have infrastructure that is close to the end of useful life, and not compliant with current codes, and replacing that infrastructure is expensive.


Did you miss the part where this story was posted on the BBS twice today? :wink:
I was just joking about that.

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… I did, sadly.

As I went through all the pix on the listing, it was a little disorienting to see some of the reverse angles of the rooms – the places would have opened to the camera crew and what not.

It’s cool – would be fun to be there for a weekend – but in the end it’s just kitsch. (And you’d have endless stream of lookie-loos)

Or I could just try to build it in the Sims 4 for free (not even with “Simoleons,” thanks to the magic of ‘motherlode.’) Even then, I suspect I’d get bored with it long before I finished it.

the thing that i find weird about that house is that upper-story window: it seems FAR too small. which room is that? Master Bedroom, or something? other than that, i think i could live very happily there.

Some quick research indicates that it was a project done by these guys which, to me, is a huge red flag. Make it look good for TV and that’s about it.


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Next time I’m driving through LA, I might just stop by and gawk from the street. And wow, the Brady’s back yard backed up to the LA River! I’m sure all six kids had lots of fun with that.

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